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Uplevel Your Routine: 5 Tech Habits for the New Year from Samsung Care


With the arrival of the new year comes a fresh set of resolutions, especially in areas like fitness, finance, and relationships. But Samsung is challenging you to rethink your resolutions and habits, especially when it comes to your daily routines. Embracing a habit of regularly maintaining your tech and appliance investments can make a variety of personal goals feel more hassle-free.

In this year-end installment of our Care Advice column, we spoke with our Samsung Care experts, Nick Webert, Senior Director of Care Field Service Operation, and Jasper Morse, Director of Business Operations of Mobile Products Customer Care. Together, they outline five helpful habits that can easily become a part of your routine, even if you lead a busy life, helping you get the most of out your brand-new or current devices in 2024. (Hint: Three of the five tips have to do with filters, which you might not be cleaning. However, there’s zero judgment here!)

#1 – Safeguard Your Device Privacy
Protecting your mobile device’s privacy is often overlooked until a hack occurs. Like backing up your phone, safeguarding your privacy is simple yet crucial. It shields your personal information from unexpected intrusions, ensuring your identity remains secure, intact, and solely yours.

Our recommendation: Perform a monthly privacy check on your mobile device. Take a moment to review app permissions by navigating to Settings – Security & Privacy – Privacy – Permission Manager. Here, you can assess which apps have access to various functions like the camera and microphone. You can simplify your privacy settings by disabling camera and microphone access for all apps with just one click, or customize permissions individually for each app.

If you’re concerned about account security, follow these added steps:

  • First, reset your password to secure account.
  • Add 2-step verification (SMS, Authenticator app, or code to other Galaxy devices) for extra protection.
  • Set up recovery methods like a recovery phone number, email, and security questions to ensure access and help in case of suspicious activity or lockouts.
  • Keep an eye on recent account activity by reviewing all device logins or security changes in the last 12 months at ( Go to Security > Recent Account Activity. Change your password if anything seems suspicious.
  • And manage all your registered devices. Check and control active and inactive devices linked to your Samsung Account at ( Go to Devices and remove any suspicious or unauthorized devices from the list.

#2 – Back up Your Mobile Devices
Back up your phone. It’s something we all hear but rarely attempt until there’s an ‘uh-oh’ moment. Backing up your phone is simple and easy; it protects you from losing your ‘whole life’ in unexpected moments.

Our recommendation: Back up your phone to your device’s cloud at least once a month to ensure that files are not lost. For Samsung users, the task of backing up your device can be simplified even further by taking advantage of auto-backup-enabled settings. You can do this by locating your Samsung Cloud settings in your profile on your device. Simply tap ‘back up data’ and select ‘auto back up while roaming.’ This setting will allow your data to be backed up every 24 hours — alleviating anxiety when using your device regularly.

#3 – Clean Your Over the Stove Microwave Regularly
To ensure your microwave supports any fast-needed cooking in the new year, start paying attention to its filter. Yes, microwaves have a filter! There’s a removable grease filter (OTR) or a recirculation filter (charcoal). Both filters are located at the bottom of the microwave and are relatively easy to change or clean out.

Samsung Kitchen

Our recommendation: Change or clean it every six months. For microwave-only users like college students, try committing to once a month or every three weeks. If you’ve forgotten the last time, you cleaned it, check for any lingering odors. If it still smells like takeout from a month ago, it’s probably time to take action! Cleaning your filter, especially if it’s stainless steel, requires just a quick rinse under warm water and air drying.

#4 – Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Filter After Every Load
Don’t complicate your ‘I have nothing to wear’ mindset further by letting your dryer take hours or days to fully dry your clothes. Cleaning your dryer filter is one of the most important appliance maintenance tasks. It’s not just about getting your pet’s hair off your clothes; it’s also crucial for preventing potential fire hazards in your home.

Our recommendation: Clean your dryer filter after every load. While it might seem daunting, it’s actually a task that takes 1 minute or less. Filters are situated in different areas on various models, but for Samsung users, you’ll find the filter on the door. To remove and clean it, simply slide it out and rinse it with warm water. Beforehand, make sure to remove larger lint particles with your hands to prevent anything from getting trapped. And if the filter feels slimy, consider switching from dryer sheets to wool dryer balls to effectively collect lint.

#5 – Empty Your Robot or Stick Vacuums’ Bin – And Clean the Filter
If your resolution is to keep your home clean — not just organized — emptying your vacuum’s dust bin should be done often. Whether you have a robot vacuum or a cordless stick vacuum, an overfilled bin will make it seem like you vacuumed for nothing.


Our recommendation: At the very least, empty your bin and clean the filter once a month. If you’ve just vacuumed a heavily soiled area, do it immediately afterwards. Have a pet? You should be cleaning it every 2-3 weeks. The cleaning process is simple, like many other devices. Just remove, empty, and rinse it under warm, soapy water. However, make sure it’s completely dry before reinserting it, as moisture can invite mold.

We get it. Adopting new habits to maintain your devices and appliances might seem like an added chore. But many of these routines will take 10 minutes or less of your time. Plus, keeping your gadgets in tip-top shape isn’t just about safeguarding your investment; it’s saving you money in the long run. The more you maintain them, the less likely you’ll need to replace or repair them down the line. And don’t go at these resolutions solo. SmartThings has your back, making it a breeze to keep an eye on your smart devices and appliances. Cheers to hassle-free tech TLC!

@samsungus These are 5 helpful tech habits from Samsung Care that can easily become a part of your routine and help you get the most of out of your devices. Need a hand? Samsung Care can help with maintenance and repair anytime, anywhere. #samsungcare #techtips #springcleaning ♬ Let Go – Button

Check back in 2024 for more tips from our trusted Samsung Care team!

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