02.25.19 / Smartphones

Get to Know the Galaxy Fold

Since the launch of the first Galaxy ten years ago, smartphones have been constrained by an inviolable rule—the size of the screen was limited by the size of the device itself. Bob O’Donnell from Technalysis Research says, “We’ve reached the physical limit of what we can do with a single screen, but people want more.”

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2.20.2019 / Smartphones
Samsung Unfolds the Future with a Whole New Mobile Category: Introducing Galaxy Fold

If more is what people want, more is what we’re going to give them. At Unpacked, we showed you the Galaxy Fold. Now we are letting you get up close to the device and giving you a glimpse of what you can unlock with this new form factor. Take a look:

The industry is buzzing about this being the most exciting smartphone innovation in years and we couldn’t agree more. To read more about Galaxy Fold, please see here. To see Galaxy Fold up close, visit us at Mobile World Congress Samsung booth located in Hall 3.

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2.25.2019 / 5G
Samsung and Sprint Deploy 5G New Radio (NR) Solutions in Preparation for Commercial 5G Service Roll Out
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