04.21.20 / Employees (COVID-19)

The Importance of Staying Well Through COVID-19

As a company, wellness is a part of our culture. But now, more than ever before, the health and well-being of the world is the only thing that matters.

A recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 45 percent of adults say the pandemic has affected their mental health, up from 32 percent in early March. At Samsung, we’re focused on ways to #GetThroughThisTogether, including supporting the wellness of our employees, our partners and our consumers.

Wellness is infused in our products, our services and our workplace. Our Galaxy smartphone or Galaxy smartwatch can track your physical activity, nutrition and sleep in the palm of your hand or with a flick of your wrist. Our Samsung Health app boasts telehealth services, expert fitness coaches and an integration with Calm, the number one sleep and meditation app.

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We don’t just offer our consumers opportunities to stay well, it’s a priority for our employees as well. We offer robust wellness incentives, discounts and a comprehensive benefits package designed to support physical, mental and financial wellness. In fact on Friday, April 17th the company celebrated our third annual Wellness Day, a paid holiday where we pause operations to encourage employees to focus on their well-being.

Our employees shared how they spent Wellness Day this year. Take a look below!

Samsung Employee Training for Marathon
Kayde Anderson, in Colorado, completed a the IRONMAN Virtual Club VR3 Race for wellness day. While many races are postponed this spring, she’s still putting in time training for the Boston Marathon, the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run, Mountain Bike Races, and IRONMAN Arizona, and more.
Family Collage of Food and Home Repair Activities
Jordan Latham, of Indiana, included the family in on wellness day! Her and her twin daughters spent the day learning to cook healthy, balanced meals and doing a total room makeover.
Sewing Machine & Homemade Fabric Face Masks
Some employees took the day to help others! Nora Lango, of Atlanta, spent wellness day making masks for friends and family.
A German Shepherd Dog and His Homemade Treats
In New York, Cameron Batten celebrated wellness day by making healthy, homemade dog treats for his German Shepherd, Atlas.
Samsung employee and spouse wearing face masks outsides.
Phil Cohn, of New Jersey, snapped a selfie while on a walk with his wife. He spent some time outdoors, practicing physical distancing and staying safe wearing a mask.
Collage of DIY Desk Renovation
In Minnesota, Ludwig Von Gohren did one of his favorite activities that helps him distress—wood working! He took the time to make a new desk to use while working from home.

However you are staying well during this unprecedented time, take care of yourselves and each other.

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