8 Perfect Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your List

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Like a 65-inch TV that’ll actually look chic in their space.


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Few presents overcome holiday-gifting roadblocks the way cool tech can. Whether they’re particularly picky, they’re the “I don’t need anything, really!” type or you’re just stuck on what to get, something electronic is always a winner. With Samsung, a trusted tech brand that helps us have a connected home, the options are limitless. There’s truly a product for everyone: from smart lifestyle screens and bespoke wearables to innovative, highly connective TVs to the most covetable phones on the planet, Samsung has a gift pick to match the lifestyle of everyone on your list. Here, we share eight of our favourites—at various price points—including a highly intuitive watch to track those training days and a stunning, picture-perfect TV that looks like a piece of art.




For the do-it-all high achiever on your list, there’s the Galaxy Z Fold4. With a front screen and an inside screen, it’s basically two phones in one. It offers a large, immersive display as well as Multi-Window view, which allows you to launch up to three apps side by side for max productivity.


Price: Starts at $2,269.99 | Available on samsung.ca



Say buh-bye to makeshift tripods: Capturing the perfect group pic or a spot-on selfie just got simpler with this innovative device’s clamshell design.


Price: Starts at $1259.99 | Available on samsung.ca



Functional yet style-forward, this intuitive watch is perfect for the wellness-obsessed. Advanced features—like sleep coaching, health monitoring and fitness tracking—will help them enjoy reaching their goals.


Price: Starts at $349.99 | Available on samsung.ca



Music, podcasts, the latest audiobook—whatever they’re into, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro delivers crystal-clear resolution and easily sync to all their devices, offering the ultimate listening experience.


Price: Starts at $289.99 | Available on samsung.ca



The Serif takes TV-watching to new heights. Its award-winning design means you get a great view from all angles—front to back and side to side—while its Matte Display reduces glare and reflections no matter the time of day.


Price: $2,599.99 | Available on samsung.ca



It works from any angle, any surface—that’s the genius of The Freestyle portable projector. A compact design and adjustable 180-degree cradle stand make movie nights that much more magical.


Price: $1,149.99 | Available on samsung.ca

65” 2022 THE FRAME

Looking for a screen that doesn’t cramp their style? Consider The Frame. Its minimalist design completely blends into low-key interiors, while its six customizable bezels means they can switch things up to suit the space.


Price: $2,699.99 | Available on samsung.ca

43” 2022 THE SERO


Friends, the future of TV is upon us. The Sero’s optimized screen rotates from landscape to portrait mode so they can take in their go-to mobile content (hello, social content!) as it was meant to be.


Price: $1,899.99 | Available on samsung.ca



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