A Day in the Life of The Terrace, Samsung’s Versatile, Durable and High-Performing Outdoor TV

on 02-09-2021
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In recent times, we’ve all been spending more and more time at home – a routine change that has meant finding fun alternatives to our usual outdoor activities, including making use of our balconies or gardens.


For those who are looking to make the most out of this at-home outdoor lifestyle, Samsung Electronics Canada last year introduced The Terrace, an outdoor TV that can be placed and used outside, along with The Terrace Soundbar.


As well as providing resilient versatility thanks to its water and dust resistance, The Terrace features a vivid screen for excellent viewing experiences. Read on for a look at a day in the life of The Terrace at home.


Enjoying Your Swim With Your Favourite Media, Worry-Free

One of the best ways to stay cool on warmer days is to set up a small pool in the garden for yourself or your family. With other TVs, if you wanted to enjoy your TV while cooling off, the pool would need to be placed far away from the TV to prevent water damage.


However, with The Terrace, you can place your TV without having to worry about minor splashes affecting it as the outdoor TV has obtained the IP55 certification from the International Electrotechnical Commission for water and dust resistance[1]. What’s more, The Terrace can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, even extreme ones that dip as low as negative 31°C or go as high as 50° Celsius. Thanks to this durability, you can stream your favourite TV show while relaxing on the deck, or put on your kids’ favourite animated show while they enjoy the pool.


For those users looking for a summery soundtrack to accompany their pool day, they can take advantage of the rich sound experience offered by The Terrace Soundbar. Offering 210 watts of sound featuring deep bass tones of the built-in woofer and cutting-edge, wide range tweeter, you can enjoy the same sound quality as if you were listening indoors.


To make things even more convenient for your at-home poolside fun, all you need to do when playing music through the Soundbar is tap your smartphone onto it in order to connect and play your  music instantly[2].


Sharp Picture Quality, Even When the Sun Is Out


After a few hours of fun in the sun, it’s time to eat – and back-garden cookouts serve as a fun and easy way to recreate the camping experience at home. While you might be wondering how The Terrace can keep everyone entertained under the bright sun while the food is cooking, the TV in fact features bright picture quality and sharp dark colour contrast, making it easy to enjoy a movie even under direct sunlight[3].


The Terrace features a peak brightness of over 4,000 nits and 2,000 nits on average, allowing the users to comfortably enjoy video content even in the middle of the day[4]. Furthermore, The Terrace features high visibility thanks to its anti-reflection technology[5], which reduces the reflection of light off of its surface, and AI picture quality optimization technology that adjusts the screen’s brightness automatically based on changing light conditions.


Thanks to The Terrace’s Tizen OS, you can choose from a wide range of popular TV shows and movies when looking to relax in the garden without having to connect a separate OTT device by virtue of the smart features the Tizen engine offers.


Take Your Outdoor Games to the Next Level

There’s nothing better than relaxing outside and partaking in a game or two while the weather is still nice after a good meal in the garden – and with The Terrace, you can even enjoy your favourite digital games while still making the most of the weather.


The Terrace is an excellent screen on which to easily play games outside as the TV optimizes its sound and screen levels for your game without you needing to adjust any settings manually. Featuring a motion clarity feature, screen tearing is minimized while playing making for more seamless and enjoyable experience.


Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane With a Single Tap

At the end of a long day enjoying each other’s company, it’s time for the family to get together and take a look back at some precious memories. Thanks to The Terrace’s Tap View[6] feature, all you need do is gently tap your smartphone to the side of the TV to share your media on-screen and get straight into reminiscing. Not only does this make it more comfortable for everyone, as there’s no need to crowd around a single smartphone screen, but it also lets you make the most of your photos on the intricate big screen.


The Terrace comes with the Multi View[7] feature which lets you split the TV screen to enjoy multifarious contents at once. This lets you, for example, take a look over some past vacation photos on one side of the screen while catching up on your favourite TV series on the other; the possibilities are endless.


It was only in the very recent past that we believed personal TVs were limited to the indoor space only. With The Terrace, users can expand the uses of their TV for all kinds of fun activities; why not watch a movie while grilling on the barbeque, listen to music while relaxing in the cool breeze, or enjoy the sunset with a family slideshow? The Terrace and The Terrace Soundbar lets you take your private outdoor experiences to the next level.


[1] Protection from water and dust based on IP55 (International Protection Rating) standard and safe to operate at temperatures between -31 to 50℃. Water projected by a low-pressure nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction and protected from limited dust ingress. IP55 (Ingress Protection Rating): Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IEC 60529). Installation must be in a shaded area. Please refer to the User Manual.
[2] Compatible mobile device only.
[3] Panel protected up to 6 hours at 40˚C and 700W. Based on internal test results and subject to change according to viewing conditions. Brightness may decrease to protect panel with other high temperatures and sunlight conditions.
[4] Typical brightness based on internal testing standards and is subject to change according to viewing environment or specific conditions.
[5] The Terrace is designed for placement and use in outdoor shaded environments. The TV can be partially exposed to ambient/non-direct sunlight but direct sunlight should be avoided.
[6] Compatible devices only. When using NFC on TV, Bluetooth on your mobile will automatically activate. This service only works when TV and mobile are on. Tap View will be available from 2Q, 2020. Be sure to tap away from the TV screen and bezel corners. It may be scratched or broken to the TV or mobile device screen. Recommend using your mobile device with the cover in place and lightly tap it on any external edge of the TV.
[7] Available technology, functions, GUI (Graphic User Interface) and smart features may vary by region, service provider, network environment, mobile devices or product, and are subject to change without notice. Actual user experience may vary. Compatible devices only.

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