At Home with Galaxy: Tips for All Ages on How to Learn

on 13-07-2020
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When studying at home, sometimes the motivation to finish the project or reading assignment can remain elusive. This is why having the right tools and resources by your side is crucial to fostering productive studying experiences, no matter what learning stage you are at.


Stay Organized, Stay Productive

A universal trick for making the most out of your study time is to stay organized, and your Galaxy Tab[1] can help you achieve that.


What makes the Samsung range of tablets your perfect study companion is that they come with a variety of apps that can help you achieve your study goals. With Samsung Notes on your Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, you can take instant digital notes when listening to an online lecture or studying from a textbook, either using the keyboard or the intuitive handwriting capability of the S Pen. You can even instantly convert the text you have handwritten with your S Pen into typed text. For those sudden bursts of inspiration, just a single click of the S Pen’s body will open up a menu on-screen to let you create a new Note.


For those who prefer more creative methods of learning, you can make use of the wealth of study videos available on the YouTube app – Galaxy Tab S6 Lite users can even enjoy ad-free YouTube videos with four months of free YouTube Premium[2]. To help you stay on top of assignments, Galaxy tablets also support a full host of apps to keep you connected to your school emails and other notifications, and all your Samsung Notes can be exported as PDFs, JPEG images, text files or Microsoft Word documents for the utmost convenience. Furthermore, for those who need that perfect playlist to stay productive, Samsung has partnered so that you can create your own personalized playlist with all your favourite songs for studying.


Study Together, Even When Apart

While learning from home does mean learning in comfort, it can make reaching out and asking a classmate a question a little bit trickier. But with your Samsung Galaxy device, you can set up a remote group study session with Google Duo to help keep everyone involved.


Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71and Galaxy S20 Series 5G users can enjoy an optimized Google Duo experience when studying remotely with others. As well as having Google Duo integrated straight into their device’s dialing menus, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71 and Galaxy S20 Series 5G users can enjoy FHD quality on their video calls with up to eleven other users at once – bringing the study room experience straight to your smartphone.


With voice-only or video call functionality, the options are wide open when you are looking to create a group to study with – or just to hang out with. Thanks to the wide-angle mode on the Galaxy S20 Series 5G ,Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71, you’ll always be able to get everyone in the frame.


Learning for All Ages

There is no age limit to learning. Young or old, everyone needs to be constantly stimulated when at home. For those younger members of your household, on your Galaxy device  you can download a specially designed interface to keep them entertained and curious on your terms: Samsung Kids+.[3]


By sliding down the Quick Panel on your device, you can easily redirect to Samsung Kids+. The password that you set up when first using the app also prevents over-curious little users from exiting back to the main tablet menu without your authorization. Samsung Kids+ provides access to a range of learning apps, all packaged in a child-friendly User Interface so that they can easily explore, learn and get creative.


With apps such as My Art Studio, Lisa’s Music Band and Crocro’s Friend Village, children are guided by fun characters that also impart important lessons such as the importance of brushing your teeth. With apps like My Browser and My Phone that offer features a mobile device normally would,  you have full control over what content your child can access, and a pin-protected Parental control mode accessible at the top right corner of the app lets parents monitor activity, screen time and even set activity locks or time limits.


Samsung Kids+ provides children with all the benefits of a connected, multifaceted mobile device with all the safety you want for your children. Samsung Kids+ is available across Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablet devices, meaning any Galaxy user can harness its easy functionality for learning as well as playing – all from the comfort of your own home.


With its helpful range of connectivity, communication and productivity features, your Galaxy device can help make your home learning sessions as valuable – and as enjoyable – as possible.



[1] The availability of the Galaxy tablet and S Pen functionalities will vary by device model.
[2]As well as having the option to create a unique password for their Samsung Kids+ app, users can also set their device’s existing locking method (pattern lock, number password, fingerprint recognition) as their Samsung Kids+ access password.
[3] Your Samsung Kids+ free trial membership offer (the “Offer”) will begin when you click “Start Your Free Trial” during the registration process. Following the thirty (30) days’ free trial period (“Trial Period”) your subscription will automatically renew at a recurring fee, either on a monthly or annual basis depending on the membership type that you select when registering. Simply cancel any time during the Trial Period, and you will not be charged. To cancel, click on “Manage Subscription” in the Parents Section and follow the cancellation instructions. You will be required to have and include your credit card information as part of the registration process but your credit card will not be charged during the Trial Period. If you do not cancel during the Trial Period, your credit card that you have provided during the registration process will begin to incur recurring subscription charges for your membership after the Trial Period ends. While you can cancel your subscription at any time, the membership type that you have selected during the registration stage will prescribe the amounts that your credit card will be charged. Any applicable taxes will be charged in addition to the subscription fee. No refunds or credits provided for partial periods. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Available while supplies last. Offer only valid in Canada. You must be the age of majority in your province or territory in Canada in order to register for the Samsung Kids+ App. Samsung Kids+ is only available on certain devices. Visit for more details, pricing and list of support devices. The information that you provide as part of the registration process will be kept confidential in accordance with Samsung Canada’s Privacy Policy available at

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