At Home with Galaxy: Tips to Help You Stay Entertained

on 15-06-2020
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When spending a lot of time inside, having the right tools around to keep you productive, active and – last but not least – entertained, is key.

While staying active should be a mainstay of everyone’s daily routine, it’s important to enjoy some downtime every now and then and relax with your favourite TV show, game or movie. Read on for some simple tips to making your content-watching and gaming sessions all the more enjoyable.


Superior Streaming

There’s nothing more satisfying than discovering a new series or film that you love. You can easily enjoy all your favourite Netflix titles directly on your smartphone thanks to the Galaxy line’s signature Infinity Display, together with the powerful performance of your Galaxy device, be it the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy A71. If you’re looking to diversify how you enjoy your favourite content, you can easily transform your living room into a home theatre using your smartphone, your Samsung Smart TV and Samsung DeX.



Multitask While You Unwind

Furthermore, in order to multitask while enjoying your favourite YouTube videos, you can harness the power of Samsung DeX. Just link your Galaxy phone to your monitor using a USB C-HDMI adapter cable[1], click on the Samsung DeX prompt in your notification bar and tap ‘OK’ to enable Samsung DeX mode. Not only can you then resume your favourite content instantly, you can also chat with your friends or browse the internet while watching it.


When enjoying your downtime, it’s easy to find yourself relaxing to the point where even basic movements seem superfluous. For those times when you’re too comfortable to manually play or pause the next video in your YouTube queue, you can harness the remote connectivity of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note10 to control the YouTube app, even when your device is connected to an external monitor using Samsung DeX. A simple single press of your S Pen will pause or resume a video, a double press will take you to the next video, and by gesturing up or down with the body of the S Pen, you can turn the volume of your content up or down accordingly.


Game the Way You Want

There’s no better feeling than when that ‘victory!’ sign flashes up on your screen, so when developing our mobile devices for you, we always look to provide you with the most enjoyable gaming experiences possible.


The Galaxy S20 Series 5G is no exception – you can enjoy remarkable reaction times when partaking in a gaming session thanks to the series’ smooth screen-scrolling and high screen refresh rate. To enjoy the full benefits of the 120Hz display on the Galaxy S20 Series 5G while gaming, just head to Settings > Display > Motion smoothness and then tap on the 120Hz option.


The very latest titles in gaming are now bigger and better– so you need a powerful device that is able to keep up to enjoy them on. Along with fast processors, Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S20 Series 5G devices feature the AI-powered Game Booster which monitors how the game runs on your device to automatically adjust phone settings for peak gaming performance, regardless of what kind of game you are playing. You can even disable notifications when in-game to ensure your session is as immersive and as distraction-free as possible.


To ensure you never miss another tap, swipe or command prompt when gunning for a winning move mid-game. The Galaxy S20 Series 5G also comes with an enhanced touch latency of 240Hz[2] and immediate Bluetooth audio response so that the title is yours to claim when in the final stages of a match or a battle.


Additionally, in order to provide you with as many options as possible when looking to relax with a good game, Samsung has partnered with Microsoft to bring you mobile access to leading street racing game Forza Street. This exciting partnership marks the first time Forza Street is available on mobile. Galaxy users who download the Forza Street game from the Samsung Galaxy Store Between March 5, 2020 and February 6, 2021 on their Samsung Galaxy device will receive a special Galaxy Store Gift[3] after completing Event 2 in game. You can visit the Galaxy Store to download Forza Street now and to also explore a wide variety of fun and entertaining mobile games for your Samsung Galaxy device.


From gaming to streaming, your Galaxy device is primed and ready to help you relax and stay entertained while enjoying downtime at home with a wide range of content, performance and functionality options.



[1] USB C-HDMI adapter cable sold separately.
[2] Touch latency of 240Hz is currently available only on Galaxy S20 Series 5G devices.
[3] Terms and Conditions apply. In-Game Gift valued at up to approximately $19.99 USD depending on which Galaxy device you use.  In-game Gift available exclusively by downloading Forza Street in the Samsung Galaxy Store using your Samsung Galaxy device between March 5th  2020 and February 6th 2021. Limit one per Samsung account / device. Terms and Conditions apply.  See  for details.



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