Case Study: Samsung Display Technology Elevates the Fantasyland Hotel Experience

on 01-12-2018
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Digital display signage in lobby of Fantasyland hotel



Serving over a million customers per year, Fantasyland Hotel, located in Alberta’s West Edmonton Mall, is more than a place to stay – it’s a destination in itself. The two properties work in unison to offer customers a different and exciting experience with every visit. Fantasyland offers a range of themed rooms catering to a variety of guest interests and desired experiences. Connected directly to the mall, the unique hotel also provides customers adjacent shopping and attractions, including World Waterpark and Galaxyland, an indoor theme park. Fantasyland’s management strives to offer unique features to its guests and maintain a competitive industry advantage, including access to cutting-edge technology.
While the hotel explored implementing new technology, Samsung Canada identified an opportunity to elevate the guest experience. Offering leading LED display signage, Samsung worked closely with Fantasyland to provide guests a unique and memorable experience, unlike any other hotel in the area. Now, Samsung’s indoor video wall signage sets the tone for Fantasyland, combining superb picture quality and intuitive usability for more realistic and memorable content on display.
Digital display signage in lobby of Fantasyland hotel

The Customer Need

Although it’s adjacent to a high-traffic mall, Fantasyland is close to multiple competitors in the Edmonton area. As a result, Fantasyland’s management team required a creative approach to pique the interest of potential guests and encourage them to select their hotel instead of competing properties. Management wanted to appeal to its increasingly tech-savvy guests who desire instant and convenient information at their fingertips.

Samsung Solution

“As a trusted leader in digital signage, we recognized Fantasyland’s desire for a tech-enhanced competitive edge. Acting as a shoulder to shoulder partner, we helped deliver a hospitality solution to modernize the property and provide a seamless, personalized experience for every guest.”
– Mary Peterson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Digital Display and Memory Business, Samsung Canada

Samsung offered 2.5mm pixel pitch IF025H Indoor Video Wall Signage as a hospitality solution to help modernize the property and provide a seamless, personalized experience for every guest. With its superb picture quality and advanced colour calibration, the display turned basic imagery curated by Fantasyland into lifelike streetscapes, colourful depictions of nature and epic visuals from some of its highly requested themed rooms.
The LED display technology makes for a visually appealing statement piece and an immediate entertainment experience for guests entering the property. It also doubles as a hotel information service, providing guests updates on events and other announcements relevant to the Fantasyland property and West Edmonton Mall.
Additionally, the display encompasses Samsung’s video processing technology with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement to add clarity and sophistication to featured content – all within a compact, easy-to-maintain design.
Samsung provided Fantasyland management the desired tech-enhanced competitive edge they wanted, acting as a “shoulder to shoulder partner” with the hotel. A trusted leader in digital signage, Samsung also managed the delivery and implementation of the technology through trusted vendors, alleviating any possible challenges for hotel staff.

The Results

“Samsung as a hospitality solution has helped modernize our property to provide a seamless and personalized experience for every guest. The moment you walk in the lobby, it’s “wow.” And it shows in the customer’s feedback, which we get quite a lot.”
– Mukesh Amerkar, General Manager, Fantasyland Hotel

With its jaw-dropping LED display, Samsung’s innovative technology provided the hotel lobby an immediate “wow” effect, offering guests a pleasurable wait throughout the check-in process. The installation also solved Fantasyland’s biggest challenge: remaining ahead of local competition with a standout attraction.
The installation helped reduce check-in times and provided guests timely information they would have otherwise sought from the front desk agent. Accordingly, the hotel was able to cut back substantially on the printed material it distributes in an effort to reduce its overall paper consumption and environmental footprint.
With more hotels turning to LED display for an enhanced guest experience, Samsung remains at the forefront of the industry with an innovative solution delivering state-of-the-art technology.
Digital display signage in lobby of Fantasyland hotel

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