[CES 2022] Experts Behind Samsung’s Newest Products and Technologies Discuss Innovating for the Future ②

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Samsung’s CES 2022 booth is full of eye-catching innovations. But which products and technologies will viewers and visitors absolutely not want to miss? To answer that question, Samsung Newsroom went straight to the source, asking the experts behind the innovations which ones they think deserve a closer look.


Part one of this two-part series focused on Samsung’s latest home appliances and displays. Here, Junghoe Kim of Samsung Research[1]’s Robot Centre and Hoseong Kang from Samsung’s Mobile eXperience Business offer exclusive insights on the company’s latest robots and the new Galaxy S21 FE.


[Robotics] Reimagining Robots as Life Companions

▲ Junghoe Kim of Samsung Research’s Robot Center stands alongside the Samsung Bot i interactive robot.


Q: What is the theme for Samsung Research’s showcase at CES 2022?


The overall concept for Samsung Research at CES 2022 is “Digital, Meet Physical”. We’ve gone to great lengths to show how the personalized experiences that millennials and zoomers value can be seamlessly connected to the digital world.


To that end, the ‘house’ that we set up at CES was designed to resemble a digital world like a metaverse. Our AI ​​Avatar was created to identify users’ locations in the real world using UWB (Ultra Wide Band) location recognition technology, and interact with them through the nearest smart home product.


At this year’s CES, two types of companion robots will be introduced: the Samsung Bot i, an interactive robot, and the Samsung Bot Handy, a manipulation robot that can assist with household chores. They can help users by arranging a video conference for an urgent meeting, or by setting the table for a meal. Our CES 2022 booth demonstrates how AI and robots can come together to introduce innovative user experiences to the home of the future.



Q: What are some of the Samsung Bot i and Samsung Bot Handy’s most innovative features and technologies?


The Samsung Bot i is an interactive robot that utilizes balance control technology. It moves like a living being, making dynamic and life-like movements. When it’s next to the user, it moves alongside them and offers various forms of support. When it’s away from the user, it manages various tasks for them using its telepresence[2] function.


The Samsung Bot Handy is a robot that helps out with various household chores using manipulation[3]  technology. This enables the robot to recognize objects at home and skillfully pick them up. Whereas at last year’s CES, we showcased a technology that could pick up a single object based on learning, this year, we will introduce a scenario called “tableware handling.” This technology enables the robot to pick items up after recognizing multiple objects and analyzing the surrounding environment.


▲ (From left) The Samsung Bot Handy, an AI Avatar and the Samsung Bot i.


Q: How would you summarize Samsung Research’ R&D philosophy when it comes to robots, and where is the company’s research heading?


Samsung Research’s Robot Centre is conducting research in various areas under the vision, “Samsung Bot, Touching Your Daily Life.” We strive to make our robots companions that help users in their daily lives by closely interacting with them and making their lives happier and more convenient. To achieve this, we’re taking core robot technologies like mobility and manipulation a step further by creating platforms based on our extensive expertise in AI, and we’re developing various robots based on research in those areas.



[1] Samsung Electronics’ advanced R&D hub, which leads the development of future technologies for its Device eXperience division
[2] Refers to a virtual video conferencing system that makes participants feel as if they are in the same room.
[3] Refers to the skillful manipulation of objects with hands. This includes picking objects up.

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