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Software update with exciting flagship camera features now available in Canada


Samsung Electronics Canada announced that select next generation features found on its flagship Galaxy S20 series are now available on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 series devices through a new software update[1]. Wherever their new normal finds them, users will now be able to take advantage of the latest Galaxy camera software technology, including using the popular Single Take mode, so they can uncover share-worthy moments with loved ones at home. Additionally, users will have access to a variety of software enhancements that make the entire Galaxy experience on the Galaxy S10 and Note10 series devices even more enjoyable.


See below for a closer look at how the flagship Galaxy S20 series features will work on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 series devices.



Advanced Photo and Video Experiences

This software update brings select Galaxy S20 photo and video experiences to the Galaxy S10 and Note10 series. With Single Take, stay in and discover new memories while innovative integrated AI technology goes to work. Single Take uses the camera system and AI to capture a number of photos and videos at once and recommends the best shot for you[2]. Single Take films a 3-10 second burst of video and then shares up to 10 photos and 4 videos for you to select. Try capturing your pet’s antics or the latest dance challenge and share unique GIFs, hyperlapse videos, or stills with fun filters, all from a single capture.


With an improved Night Mode on the Galaxy S10 series, and the addition of Night Hyperlapse on both Galaxy S10 and Note10 series, you’ll be able to capture even more amazing photos and videos even in low light. From cozy moments on the couch to behind-the-scenes footage from within the living room blanket fort, simply select Night Mode in your camera options and hold the shutter for your desired shot. Or peek out your window to capture artistic light stream videos with longer adjusted exposure time at night – with Night Hyperlapse you can watch passing cars, streetlights, and even the spring sunsets come to life in low light, or reimagine your home photo shoots by adding dramatic low-light elements from your old lava lamp to your child’s nightlight.


When you’ve captured that perfect image, Custom Filter lets you create your own filter with colours and styles you like from a favourite photo serving as inspiration. This creates a reusable filter that can be applied to future photos when captured.

For the aspiring filmmaker, Pro Video gives you even more control, allowing you to adjust settings like ISO, shutter speed and exposure level. You can also switch between the front and rear cameras while recording video, and can set the Pro Video setting before or even during recording. Paired with Super Steady anti-rolling stabilization and AI motion analysis to enable smooth, stable shots even in low light, Pro Video empowers every creator to capture their world in pro-grade quality.

Easy Sharing Capabilities [3]

You can now share more content quickly with more people, all with a single click. With Quick Share, you can see nearby contacts and share photos, videos, or even large files with up to five people with a tap – sharing hundreds of photos with your family or roommates is now easy. With Music Share, you can let loved ones play music from their favourite playlists without disconnecting your paired Bluetooth connection – whether using your home speaker system or your car stereo, just enable Music Share on your Galaxy S10 or Note10 series devices.

* All examples of feature usability provided in this article are simulations. Actual user experience may vary.



[1] Update schedule may vary by carrier. Update available on Galaxy S10 and Note10 series devices.
[2] Single Take AI captures images and videos up to 10 seconds.
[3] Available on Galaxy S10 and Note10 devices when this update is downloaded and the feature (Quick Share/Music Share) is turned on; already available on Galaxy S20 devices.

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