[Editorial] Essential∙Innovative∙Harmonious: A New Design Identity for Samsung Electronics in 2030

10-04-2024 by TM Roh
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It’s always exciting to develop a product and introduce it to the market. Whenever I take on this challenge, I wonder if the new product will resonate with customers — perhaps, it will even become a game changer and impact lives in meaningful ways.


If we look more closely at the product development process, design makes innovative technologies shine while technology makes design dreams a reality. Only when design and technology are in perfect harmony can we develop a product that provides genuine value to our users. Samsung Electronics excels at balancing design with innovative technology, and we continually strive to create products that blend seamlessly into our customers’ lives.


To this end, we have redefined our design philosophy as we approach 2030. “Samsung Design Identity 5.0 (DI 5.0): Essential ∙ Innovative ∙ Harmonious”[1] is the new direction that will define the future we hope to provide.



Samsung’s Design Philosophy and Its Evolution

More than 1,500 designers work at Samsung’s seven global design studios to solve everyday problems facing a wide range of customers, each from a different culture or background with unique preferences and tastes. At the center of this effort is Samsung’s design philosophy — “Inspired by Humans, Creating the Future” — which has not changed since its inception in 1996.


But the way people live and experience their lives is constantly changing, and we have had to refine and evolve our design identity to reflect that. “Samsung Design Identity 5.0: Essential∙Innovative ∙Harmonious” is the vision that will guide us through 2030. Moving forward, we’ll continue to introduce smartphones, TVs, refrigerators and other products that reflect this new mindset.



EssentialInnovativeHarmonious. What Does That Mean?

Essential design focuses on the original intent and purpose of the product — to provide an optimized user experience without any unnecessary elements. This year, the latest Galaxy S24 series allows users to intuitively experience the functions of a mobile product with its unified look and thin bezel. Our TVs with Infinity Air Design appear to float in mid-air for more immersive viewing. On the other hand, our all-in-one washer and dryer maximizes space efficiency through a minimalist design.


Innovative design brings valuable changes — not merely novelty — to our customers’ lives. Examples include a TV that automatically upscales low-resolution images to 8K level using AI technology; an AI-based robot vacuum cleaner that automatically recognizes floor type, objects and living spaces for optimal cleaning; and a Live Translate feature that helps smartphone users overcome language barriers through real-time translation. These products all merge innovation with creativity.


Harmonious design embodies the desire to unify products and people with society, the environment and other human values. SmartThings improves convenience by integrating and connecting products for users to control remotely. Meanwhile, Music Frame, a customizable frame-shaped speaker, blends into any interior. Designs that create harmony between products and customers’ daily lives — rather than designs that announce their own existence — are the kind we will continue to pursue.



A Future of Infinite Possibilities

At Samsung, this is our commitment — to be faithful to our essential purpose, innovate endlessly and create designs that harmonize with our users’ lives. We aim to empower customers around the globe and enrich their lives by offering meaningful experiences, no matter what Samsung products they choose.


At Milan Design Week 2024, we are presenting the exhibition “Newfound Equilibrium” to showcase an inspiring vision for a better future — one that achieves the right balance between humans and technology. Join us on April 16 for a future of infinite possibilities.





[1] History of Samsung’s Design Identities
Design Identity 1.0 (2001-2005): Simplicity with Resonance
Design Identity 2.0 (2006-2010): Create an Emotional Journey
Design Identity 3.0 (2011-2018): Make It Meaningful
Design Identity 4.0 (2019-2022): Be Bold. Resonate With Soul.
Design Identity 5.0 (2023-2030): Essential∙Innovative∙Harmonious.
by TM Roh

President and Head of Corporate Design Center at Samsung Electronics

Corporate > Design

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