[Editorial] The Advent of the Bespoke AI Era

01-04-2024 by JH Han
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Fifty years ago, in 1974, Samsung Electronics introduced its first refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner to the world. In the time since, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation in digital appliances.


Fast forward to five years ago, in 2019, when Samsung debuted its first Bespoke appliances. These products were made to transform users’ daily lives with customized features and optimized designs. Now, we are set to usher in a new era of AI appliances, featuring cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and SmartThings-based connectivity.


This editorial will explore how AI appliances and inter-connected smart homes are about to transform our understanding of modern home life.


Why Security Is the Foundation of Bespoke AI Appliances

A recent study conducted by market research firm Ipsos highlights the significance of security in the age of AI. The study surveyed 17,000 people across 17 countries, using the title of “Our Life With AI: The reality of today and the promise of tomorrow.” A key finding was that 42 percent of respondents identified “better security” as a very important application for AI, with an additional 44 percent deeming it somewhat important.


AI technology is brimming with potential, but even the best AI will not be worthwhile if it fails to protect users — in fact, it could be dangerous. And this is why security stands at the core of Bespoke AI appliances. We have prioritized security throughout our product development to ensure users can get all the benefits of AI-based digital appliances, while experiencing peace of mind.


Our AI appliances are protected by Samsung Knox to ensure safe usage. A blockchain-based Knox Matrix monitors and protects Samsung’s inter-connected appliances.


Our newest AI appliances, the Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with AI Family Hub™+ and the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ AI, have earned the Diamond level rating for their Internet of Things (IoT) security capabilities from UL Solutions, a global verification company. This rating represents the highest level of IoT security, a distinction that no other home appliance in the world has achieved to date.


But Samsung hasn’t stopped there. We are always researching new technologies that can further enhance the safety of AI appliances and smart homes.


Using AI Appliances to Advance Society

At Samsung, we aspire to develop appliances that go beyond mere convenience for the sake of convenience. Our goal is to create AI appliances that accomplish two things: they are readily accessible for everyone, and they contribute to society by reducing environmental impact.


Samsung’s latest all-in-one washer and dryer boasts a large 7-inch LCD touch screen designed for easy operation, catering to users with varying abilities. With Bixby integration, controlling the machine using voice commands is also possible, ensuring wider accessibility. Furthermore, the convenience of Samsung’s Auto Open Door allows users to effortlessly open the refrigerator with just a light touch. And the new washer and dryer also automatically opens its door upon completion of the wash and dry cycle. The combined result of all these improvements is that our appliances are now more user-friendly than ever.


As for the role our products play in society, we are leveraging next-generation technology to reduce environmental impact. This includes using AI to decrease energy usage in appliances and employing enhanced semiconductors to reduce the power consumption and carbon emissions of refrigerators. We are also developing technology that enables continuous use of air purifiers without the need for regular filter replacements.


Bespoke AI Appliances: The Pinnacle of AI Technology

Our 2024 appliance lineup represents the pinnacle of AI integration. Designed to significantly ease the burden of household chores, these appliances incorporate a range of sensors, recognition technology, big data analytics tools, powerful AI chips, and the Tizen OS.


With these capabilities, the way in which appliances are used will undergo a complete transformation. The large displays integrated into Family Hub™ refrigerators and the 7-inch display on Samsung’s latest all-in-one dryer and washer allow easy control and monitoring of appliances throughout the house. Moreover, you can conveniently control the main functions of the product using a smartphone, without having to search for a remote control or fiddling with buttons. This revolutionizes home life.


This year, we’re also planning to incorporate generative AI into Bespoke AI appliances, which will allow users to operate them through natural conversation — much like chatting with family members. Building on SmartThings and the strength of AI appliances, will introduce over 100 diverse inter-connecting experiences that Samsung appliances can offer.


At Welcome to BESPOKE AI on April 3, you’ll have the opportunity to witness Samsung’s groundbreaking AI appliances for 2024. Our products not only prioritize security, but also consider our society and environment. Join us as we embark on this journey to shape the future of Bespoke AI appliances.

by JH Han

CEO and Head of Device eXperience (DX) Division, Samsung Electronics

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