How Samsung’s 2021 TVs contribute to an eco-friendly future

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As we recognize Earth Day 2021, Samsung Electronics Canada continues to focus on sustainability and prioritize its environment efforts across the business.


Earlier this year, Samsung unveiled its 2021 TV product portfolio at a virtual First Look event and detailed long-term sustainability programs, which include solar cell-powered remote controls and the reduction of product carbon footprints with recycled materials.


Here are three key ways that Samsung is making a difference with its TV innovations.


1. Sustainable Packaging Design


Samsung is expanding its award-winning “eco-packaging” design to all 2021 Lifestyle TVs and most of the 2021 Neo QLED line. By minimizing text and graphic imagery on the eco-packaging, the traditional oil-based ink from colour printing is eliminated, further reducing waste. The special cardboard boxes are designed to allow consumers to upcycle the packaging their televisions come in into small, versatile pieces of furniture. The thick, corrugated cardboard that the packaging is comprised of can be used to construct small tables and shelves, and building instructions can be accessed by scanning QR codes on the outsides of the boxes.


2. Solar Cell-Powered Remote Control


Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLEDs will come with a new solar cell-powered remote control that can be recharged through indoor and outdoor lighting in addition to a regular USB accessory. The remote makes it easy to control all your external devices and lets you show your support for the environment at the same time. In addition, the remote is partially made from recycled materials and is powered by solar cell technology so it can also be charged by your indoor lights.


3. Reduction of Carbon Footprints

Samsung is making efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to its TV products with the use of recycled plastics. Samsung has long used recycled materials in the rear covers of monitors and signage and now plans to expand their usage to even more components across the company’s product portfolio.


Watch the video below to learn more about Samsung’s commitment to a sustainable future through its eco-friendly visual display products and processes.



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