How smart data capture solutions on Samsung Galaxy rugged devices are helping transform business operations

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Samsung Galaxy rugged devices paired with Scandit Smart Data Capture gives cumbersome inventory management processes an automated boost



There are few business tasks more critical for retailers than inventory management. When done right, the efficient management of inventory makes cost savings possible, prevents the accumulation of dead stock, and ensures customers’ needs are met. As the inventory needs of retailers grows more complicated with supply chain pressures, the need for technology to streamline this process has grown.


Barcode scanning and data capture technologies are integral to the inventory recordkeeping process, and despite its criticality, barcode scanning has been known to be time-consuming and cumbersome for store employees. This was one of the main reasons that Scandit, the leader in smart data capture, and Samsung partnered to merge their complementary technologies and streamline the inventory management process.


Scandit enables smart devices to capture data from barcodes, text, IDs and objects with speed and accuracy using the camera of the device. This allows retailers to increase productivity and provide retail associates with access to actionable insights on the state of their inventory – allowing them to make more informed decisions with better intelligence. However, the data capture process hasn’t always been this intuitive.



The limitations of dedicated scanning technology

While the technology to support inventory management has evolved from error-prone and labour-intensive processes like paper and pen, even the more pervasive technologies of today have their limits. Many storerooms still manage inventory using a shared pool of dedicated scanning devices. These devices can be costly to purchase, which means they are limited in quantity, forcing store associates to solve issues offline. This is a method that is prone to human error, often leading to stock loss or other inventory inaccuracies.


Not only that, but dedicated scanning devices are inflexible when it comes to optimizing workflows. For example, dedicated devices might scan single barcodes, while innovative smart data capture technology scans multiple barcodes on a pallet or shelf at one time – and even visually highlight which barcodes have been scanned or display inventory information on screen via augmented reality (AR) overlays.


“Store managers are dealing with reduced productivity due to the scarcity and inflexibility associated with these dedicated scanning devices,” said Nitin Gupta, VP of Partnerships & Customer Success, Scandit. “Without a smart mobile device from which to access store insights and updated inventory numbers, store employees are also left grappling with a lack of information.”


“I recall learning from a major European retail client of ours, that store associates would actually hide from customers for fear of being asked a question they were unequipped to answer, fuelled by a lack of tools to access the correct up-to-the-minute information,” said Gupta. “Another retail customer said associates often logged 20,000 steps per shift because of the need to go back and forth to look up information on fixed terminals, or even to the storeroom itself.”


“Enterprises of today need solutions that are intuitive, mobile, durable and cost-effective,” added Gupta. “It’s one of the reasons why we partnered with Samsung years ago, with the merger of Galaxy rugged devices with Scandit Smart Data Capture technology, to deliver optimized scanning performance and ergonomics to the market.”



Smart data capture technology meets Samsung Galaxy devices

Galaxy rugged devices, including the latest Galaxy XCover6 Pro smartphone, are well-suited device for Scandit to integrate their technology into. For one, Galaxy rugged devices are designed for employees working in crowded, dusty warehouses and storerooms because they are built to withstand drops and are both water and dust resistant[1]. Secondly, the devices are built to be used while wearing gloves, which are commonplace in the warehouse, thanks to the devices’ enhanced screen sensitivity[2]. Gupta also makes note of their programmable hard keys which can be used to program scanning via a button on the side of the device. “This makes it incredibly easy for employees to initiate a scan,” he said.


Apart from its rugged, durable features, the Galaxy XCover6 Pro is a multi-functional device which lends to its increased versatility when compared to a dedicated, single-function scanner. “The XCover6 Pro powered with Scandit Smart Data Capture Solutions enables associates to complete a number of critical retail tasks and customer-facing workflows all with the same device,” said Gupta. Activities like in-store order picking, product look-up to help with customer enquiries, and back-of-house shipping and receiving are among some of the critical tasks that are made possible with Galaxy rugged devices.


Perhaps what is most compelling for IT administrators responsible for deploying company devices, is the straightforward integration of Scandit via Samsung Knox Capture. “Samsung Knox Capture, powered by Scandit, is an off-the-shelf scanning solution that requires no software development – easily turning a Samsung device into an enterprise-grade scanning device,” said Gupta.



River Island’s streamlined solution

To help illustrate the transformative power of the Samsung and Scandit solution when it comes to streamlining operations, Gupta references the case of fashion retailer River Island.


“Before adopting Samsung and Scandit technology, River Island had just one hardware-based scanning tool for each location, forcing up to four store associates to share the same device,” said Gupta. When it became clear that the worker experience and store operations could be improved with newer technology, IT decision makers implemented the Scandit solution.


After making the switch, River Island found the cost benefits of deploying Samsung smartphones with Scandit technology were so significant, that they were able to provide an individual device to each store associate. “Newly equipped with Galaxy XCover5 smartphones, each store associate can now obtain real-time information on the retail floor, streamlining operations and improving communications from back of house to front,” said Gupta.


Stories like these are just the tip of the iceberg. The Samsung and Scandit solutions are being used to deliver unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence to retailers across the globe. In fact, Scandit is trusted by five of the top Fortune 500 brands in the world.



Automation is the new industry watchword

It’s been close to a decade since the Samsung and Scandit partnership was established, but there is still a lot the two partners wish to tackle.


The companies’ future goals include optimizing the use of Galaxy rugged devices in combination with Scandit Smart Data Capture to expand into sectors beyond retail, delivering value to the healthcare and manufacturing sectors. Galaxy rugged devices with smart data capture will drive process innovation with advanced capabilities such as ID scanning or scanning multiple barcodes for cycle counting or receiving processes.


“Automation has become the new watchword in all industries, and our smart data capture solutions are going to enable automation as the demands of our joint business customers evolve,” said Gupta.




[1] The device is protected against harmful ingress of dust and static fresh water at up to 1.5 m for up to 30 minutes, under certain defined test conditions. According to accredited test results, individual results may vary. Note: IP68 rating does not mean that the device is waterproof.
[2] Touch sensitivity may vary depending on glove material.

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