I Tried The New Samsung Galaxy S22 Series, And It Seriously Brightened Up My Weekend

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Colour me impressed.


My name is Isabella and I woke up on a dreary, cold Saturday morning with a surprise at my door. Samsung sent me six phones from the new Galaxy S22 Series.



Here’s me flexing.


I decided to upgrade my current 4-year-old phone and choose a new one to spend the weekend with. I was spoiled for choice with the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra to choose from.



Like all good phone enthusiasts, I contemplated the specs first. But like all good social media enthusiasts, the camera is one of the most important factors for me. And the Nightography feature was ultimately gonna make my night pics and videos pop.


I ultimately picked the Galaxy S22+ in Pink Gold because the weather outside was abysmal and I needed something bright within arm’s reach to help with the fact it was still snowing in May. You can also choose among Phantom Black, Phantom White, or Green to suit your vibe.


At 6.6″, this was the perfect screen for me. But all of the phones in the Galaxy S22 Series are created and packaged with recycled materials[1] so ultimately any choice was a good choice!


Inspired by the new colourful spark in my life (thank you, Pink Gold 🙏), I stomped outside in search of some more colour to liven up the day.



And I knew just where to go to test out the camera on the Galaxy 22+ I had read so much about (the rear cameras have multiple resolutions of 50MP + 10MP + 12MP, FYI!).


Now, I’m no photographer…but these flowers from the local corner store did quite the trick. 



All I did was flick on Portrait Mode (which adds bokeh to the background while making the object in focus really POP) and suddenly I was taking wedding-photographer-level, high-resolution photos? Excuuuuuuse me. Okay…quits my day job.*

*Just kiddddddding!


I was so mesmerized by these tulips IRL but was even more impressed as to how well the main 50MP on the Galaxy S22, S22+ and 108MP camera on the S22 Ultra captured them.



Thanks to the gorgeous, high-resolution 120Hz display, images really popped and felt so vibrant that they  practically leapt from the screen!


I loved these pictures so much that I just had to buy these tulips, take them home, and peek at them all Saturday long.



They even matched the painting my mom just made me!


After a slow Saturday, I woke up Sunday with things to DO. With no notebook in sight, I reached for the Galaxy S22 Ultra to make a to-do list to help me tackle my day.



When you pop the embedded S Pen out of the bottom while the phone is sleeping, it automatically opens up the Samsung Notes app.


This is the first ever in the S Series that has an S Pen integrated, which makes it easy to jot down ideas, notes, doodles, manifestos, love letters, etc. I can even send it to my Galaxy Tab S8 without ever putting down my S Pen. Let the thoughts FLOW!!


I was right about to knock things off my helpful to-do list when my GF snatched the phone from me.



The theme for the weekend was clearly florals, because look at these adorable little flowers she doodled up. We love that the S Pen can write, help navigate, edit photos/videos, and doodle!


We both found the S Pen to be super satisfying with that pen-to-paper feel, and incredibly easy to use.



10/10 fun activity to start the day. Now onto the To-Do List.


But first…lunch!



Took these using the Galaxy S22 Ultra‘s “Food” photo setting. *Drools*.


Okay, no seriously…now onto my to-do list.



I watered my plants and spotted some new leaves, all while talking to my mom on the phone. She can really gab but by the time our 2-hour convo ended, the battery was still at 97% thanks to the intelligent long lasting battery on the Galaxy S22 Ultra (but more on that later!).*

*I’m not gonna tell her this, because it’ll only encourage longer phone calls.


I waited until evening to set up my patio because I wanted to switch over from the Galaxy S22 Ultra to test out the Nightography on the Galaxy S22+.



I dusted off the chairs, swept up some leaves (or so I thought), and strung my lights up.


But dear reader, note that I took the picture on the left in essentially full darkness. I don’t even have a porch light back there! The Nightography setting – which also works when capturing video – instantly brightened up the picture (check out the pic on the right without it!), and made me realize, Hey, I actually did a horrendous job getting rid of these leaves.


It’s my birthday week and like a true Aries, I headed in to decorate so I could celebrate myself for a full seven days.



I threw some balloons up, strung silver stars, turned on my fun disco lamp, shut off all the lights, and snapped some Nightography pics to kick off the last year of my 20s.


The Galaxy S22 Series really made my otherwise dull weekend pop. I was able to snap pics, share with pals on social, and have fun knocking things off my to-do list all with my new fave S Pen. Click here to check out the whole Galaxy S22 Series.





[1] The material used in the Galaxy S22 series contains 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic from discarded fishing nets. The Galaxy S22 series also incorporates post-consumer recycled material in its speaker module, as well as within the inner parts of the power and volume keys. In addition to recycled ocean-bound plastics, Samsung uses 100% recycled paper for the Galaxy S22 series’ packaging and include a protective film made from recycled plastic.

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