Rugged mobile devices empower Canada’s frontline workers to brave the elements while making work easier

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The most challenging environments require durable mobile tools to help employees keep up with the demands of work, wherever the day takes them.



In the humid, simmering heat of a Canadian summer, the dregs of a winter deep-freeze or the damp of spring and autumn, industrial worksites can be equally unforgiving.


Employees are frequently exposed to various working environments. Dust and dirt fly indiscriminately. Trucks and heavy equipment vibrate as they move. Drops, bumps, moisture and exposure to extreme temperatures become inescapable parts of the job.


These challenges have continued during the pandemic, as industries that traditionally operate in the field need to lean on digital technology to help streamline and automate workflows. Mobile devices must be rugged enough to withstand real-world challenges, while delivering intuitive productivity features to help make work trouble-free.


Canadian frontline teams in demanding industries such as oil and gas, construction, engineering, manufacturing and healthcare are choosing Samsung Galaxy rugged solutions to get the job done efficiently, with peace of mind that their investments are built to withstand the rigors of the task at hand.



With innovative mobile devices like the Galaxy Tab Active3, the Galaxy XCover Pro and the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, Samsung is setting the new standard for rugged mobility.


Durable enough to tackle tough environments

In Canada’s most challenging work environments, durability is a non-negotiable requirement. Galaxy rugged solutions answer the call.


Each device meets military-grade specifications[1] for durability, bringing the same standards for withstanding challenges like tough drops, shocks, and temperatures that you might find on an overseas deployment to the job site.


To better protect against the elements, these devices are IP68-rated[2], meaning they are dust and water resistant – suitable for construction workers caught in a rainstorm, and engineers on a dirt-filled project site alike.


Each rugged device caters to the unique needs of frontline workers. The Galaxy XCover Pro is designed for single-handed use, ideal for warehouse workers juggling inventory while scanning with their mobile device. For transportation workers prioritizing productivity while on-the-go, the Galaxy Tab Active Pro 10.1-inch tablet with an expansive screen is ideal for hands-free, enhanced visibility. For days when engineers are moving between the office and work site, the Galaxy Tab Active3 8.0-inch tablet provides for easily viewing blueprints on the spot with its ample size screen, while also being compact and durable enough to carry with you on the job.


The Galaxy Tab Active3 and Galaxy Tab Active Pro also come with an IP68-certified S Pen equipped with water- and dust-resistance, ideal for days when workers need to sign contracts on the fly or markup complex documents — even in the rain2.



Setting the standard for productivity

Armed with a suite of rich, intuitive features, Galaxy rugged devices enable workers to maximize productivity in the field, on the road or at the office.


When the workday necessitates use of a laptop, the Galaxy Tab Active3 and Galaxy Tab Active Pro deliver a PC-like experience with Samsung DeX[3]. This unique productivity application allows workers to use multiple apps at once, resize windows and drag and drop files with ease to help get work done in a familiar desktop-like interface with the mobility of a tablet.


When it matters most, Samsung DeX allows workers to do more where and when they need to. After spending the day gathering data and images in the field, an employee can use the same device to finish up reporting at home or in the car by simply attaching an optional keyboard[4] to automatically launch DeX and finish off the day’s tasks using familiar desktop apps and functions.


Streamlining the number of tools required for a task can also translate into increased productivity on the job. For standard tasks like wristband check-ins at the hospital or tracking inventory in a warehouse, the Samsung Knox Capture barcode scanning app eliminates the need for a separate physical scanner, allowing workers to use one mobile device to scan and track barcodes.  With the S Pen, included with the Galaxy Tab Active3 and Galaxy Tab Active Pro, workers can leave the notebook behind and jot down thoughts, sketch ideas, mark up documents and turn handwriting into digital text and use the same device to then share their work with their team for instant collaboration.


At the end of the day, frontline teams need devices that can last throughout long shift work and are easy to work with, even with gloves on. Galaxy rugged solutions come with a convenient battery replacement to last the entire workday and also have enhanced touch sensitivity settings on the tablets so workers can manage digital tasks without removing their work gloves[5].



Class-leading efficiency in tough situations

In situations where getting the job done efficiently is crucial, Galaxy rugged solutions are trusted by partners across Canada and around the world.


Police departments on the frontline face unpredictable situations daily. This is why police forces leverage Galaxy rugged devices equipped with Samsung DeX technology to help meet the needs of their teams when it comes to relaying important information from the field back to HQ. Whether on foot patrol, or filing a report from their cars, Galaxy rugged devices allow officers to stay nimble in how they communicate and collaborate with others.

As digital transformation continues across essential industries that keep Canada moving forward, more frontline teams will recognize a need for durable, innovative mobile solutions. Regardless of how brutal the environment can be, how long the hours or how demanding the job, Galaxy rugged devices are built to empower our frontline workers and deliver results where and when it matters most.


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[1] MIL-STD-810G (Galaxy XCover Pro, Galaxy Tab Active Pro): This device passed U.S. mil-itary specification (MIL-STD-810G) testing against a subset of 21 specific environmental conditions, including temperature, dust, shock/vibration, and low pressure/high altitude. Real world usage varies from the specific environmental conditions used in MIL-STD-810G testing. Samsung does not guarantee device performance in all extreme conditions. Please see the inbox Quick Start Guide.
MIL-STD-810H (Galaxy Tab Active3): This device passed U.S. military specification (MIL-STD-810H – Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests is a United States Military Standard), testing against 23 specific environmental conditions, including transit drop, temperature, dust, shock/vibration and low pressure/high altitude. Re-al-world usage varies from the specific environmental conditions used in MIL-STD-810H testing. Samsung does not guarantee device performance in all extreme conditions. Please see the in-box Quick Sales Guide.
[2] IP68 rating means that the device is protected against harmful ingress of dust and static fresh water at up to 1.5 m for up to 30 minutes, under certain defined test conditions. According to accredited test results, individual results may vary. Note: IP68 rating does not mean that the device is waterproof.
[3] Samsung DeX can be activated via Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 with accessories such as an HDMI adapter, multi-port adapter or cable. Accessories and monitor sold separately. Using a genuine Samsung HDMI adapter or cable qualified for Samsung DeX is recommended. Certain apps may not run or may require license (for purchase) on Samsung DeX.
[4] Keyboard sold separately.
[5] Touch sensitivity may vary depending on glove material.

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