Samsung creates meaningful connections with powerful new campaign

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Through its latest innovations, Samsung’s new brand campaign connects five Canadians to their passions in a memorable way



As a champion of an open ecosystem, Samsung has long been innovating across its mobile, home entertainment, home office and digital appliance products, helping Canadians to Do The SmartThings! with connected device experiences that enrich their daily lives. Samsung products are designed to work seamlessly together which, together with customized design and features, helps Canadians curate intuitive, integrated experiences.


To help showcase the real ways that connected devices show up in Canadians’ lives, Samsung is helping five Canadians create meaningful connections with others through its innovative technology. The new campaign includes famous athlete Fred VanVleet as well as sports media personality Faizal Khamisa.


To kick off the series, we sat down with champion kickboxer Farinaz Lari, whose video showed an emotional reunion with a childhood best friend. Farinaz trained her best friend, Sogol, through Google Meet on her Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, which seamlessly connected to her NEO QLED 8K TV. As a world champion kickboxer, entrepreneur, public speaker and model, connectivity is a key element of Farinaz’s day-to-day activities – especially when it comes to training her clients.



In your opinion, what was the best part about using Samsung devices in this video?

I’ve been loving the health and wellness features on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and have been eyeing a new NEO QLED 8K TV as well – the picture quality was superb!


How does technology help you balance your day-to-day life, i.e., personal wellness and professional responsibilities?

It’s everything – from training my clients online, to monitoring my own detailed results for years to help me improve! I encourage my clients to monitor their calorie burn and heart rate variables as well so I can compare their data.


How did it feel being reunited with your best friend Sogol after three years?

It was the most magical experience! I had never been that surprised in my entire life. I cried, I laughed – it was truly a dream.


In your vignette, you had the opportunity to train with Sogol. Can you tell us about that experience?

The amazing quality of the top-speed Samsung products made me feel connected to her like she was there! Plus, they were so easy to use. I’m still talking about this experience to all my friends.


Provide an example of a meaningful connection that technology has made possible for you.

To me, it means seeing my friends and family and being able to talk and connect with them. My immediate family live in Iran, so seeing them on such a large screen, with such clear quality and sound, is the most meaningful connection to me.


Why did you decide to get involved with this campaign?

I train the majority of my clients online; I’ve been doing it for the past three years now! I’m really passionate about having premium equipment to ensure my clients have the best experience, especially when it comes to having access to and measuring data. Being able to bring this to life for Canadians as well was a dream come true.


Why did you choose to partner with Samsung?

It’s such a well-known, prestigious brand in Canada. I was excited to get involved!



Over the coming weeks, we’ll be checking in with the other stars on how they’ve created meaningful connections in their lives. To learn more about Samsung’s new campaign, click here.

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