Samsung Defines Home Life Possibilities with Global Expansion of Bespoke Lineup at Bespoke Home 2022 Event

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Samsung expands on the Bespoke home vision by showcasing new customizable design options, smarter connected services as well as sustainable solutions to extend product lifecycles



Samsung Electronics recently hosted Bespoke Home 2022, the second annual showcase of Samsung’s Bespoke appliances. This year’s theme is built on the concept of the expansion of space, experience and time working together to provide a home life experience that goes beyond conventional home appliances.


“The positive response from the Bespoke Home event last year showed us our vision for a better home life through inspirational design, customization and intelligent connectivity struck a chord with people around the world,” said JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “This year, we are excited to build on our vision by offering consumers more ways to be self-expressive, experience the connected services and live more sustainably at home with Bespoke.”



Bespoke Home 2022 Expansion

This year, Samsung is offering a more holistic experience by expanding Bespoke throughout the home. Taking centre stage in the showcase are updated kitchen and living appliances with stylish colours, updated features, and premium finishes. New in this lineup is the global launch of the Bespoke AI washer and dryer as well as the Bespoke kitchen package in Europe.


For the European market, the package includes the all-new, AI-powered Bespoke ovens set to launch in the second half of this year. The Bespoke oven offers connected features through the SmartThings app, making cooking simpler and more efficient while delivering delicious results. The AI Pro Cooking™ can recognize ingredients, optimize the settings accordingly, and monitor the food while it’s cooking to prevent it from being over or undercooked. The Dual Cook Steam™ feature lets users prepare both healthy steamed dishes and oven-cooked foods using different settings at the same time. In addition, the Sense-to-Open feature conveniently opens the oven door with just a touch allowing for an elegantly and minimal design with a handle-less, flat door. The rest of the package including dishwasher and induction cooktop will be available in the second half of 2022.


Expanding out of the kitchen and into the living space, the new Bespoke AI laundry will be available in Canada later this year. The Bespoke AI washer makes it easy to do laundry regardless of load size. AI OptiWash™ optimizes each wash by using the perfect amount of water and detergent based on how soiled your laundry is, while the Auto Dispense System offers a simple solution to store and dispense detergent automatically.



The Bespoke AI dryer offers advanced AI Optimal Dry which continuously monitors the water content with an enhanced sensor and intelligently optimizes the cycle to dry items thoroughly. It also automatically controls the cycle time and temperature to protect clothes from overheating[1]. In addition, the Advanced Moisture Sensor detects changes in dampness and humidity level to adjust the temperature and dry duration for maximum efficiency. The Smart Dial feature personalizes laundry by recognizing users’ frequently used washing and drying settings. Furthermore, designed to work optimally as a pair, users with both the Bespoke AI washer and dryer can wash, dry and have their garments ready to wear within an hour thanks to the Super Speed Washer and the Super Speed Dry features.



Sustainability From Start to Finish

A commitment to helping the environment has long been at the core of Samsung’s product designs. The latest Bespoke appliances are no exception. They are all designed with a sustainable product lifecycle in mind, from start to finish. In Canada, Samsung’s ENERGY STAR certified product portfolio now includes 100 per cent of dishwashers, 100 per cent of refrigerators and front-load washers, as well as 60 per cent of top-load washers and 82 per cent of dryers[2]. For Samsung users, this means cutting energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Finally, with any household appliance, proper disposal at the end of product lifecycles is of the utmost importance throughout the sustainability process. Ensuring longer-lasting home appliances, starting this year, Samsung offers a 20-year warranty[3], the longest offered by Samsung in Canada, for key appliance components such as digital inverter motors and digital inverter compressors for Bespoke products. In addition, thanks to Bespoke’s modular designs, users can customize the design of their appliances at home when contemplating a change instead of purchasing entirely new ones.


Ultimately, Samsung products are designed to be flexible, durable and efficient, extending the product lifecycle while reducing waste. These efforts reflect how Samsung is helping to create a more sustainable future.


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[1] Based on AI-created algorithm.
[2] Samsung Canada earns twelfth consecutive award from ENERGY STAR® Canada for continued environmental leadership.
[3]Digital Inverter Compressor in refrigerators sold in Europe and the Digital Inverter Motor in washing machines sold in Europe and made in the U.S. .

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