Samsung Presents Contemporary Artist Park Seo-Bo’s Masterpiece on ‘The Wall All-in-One’ at New York’s Rockefeller Center

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‘The Wall All-in-One’ brings the artist’s captivating monochrome series to life with remarkable precision and vibrancy on a massive 146-inch 4K screen




Samsung Electronics announced that it is displaying a masterpiece by Park Seo-Bo, a leading figure in contemporary Korean art, on The Wall All-in-One (IAB model) at New York’s iconic Rockefeller Center.


As part of the ‘Origin, Emergence, Return’ exhibition, Samsung has partnered with Johyun Gallery, combining the artistic brilliance of Park Seo-Bo with Samsung’s state-of-the-art Micro LED technology to bring an unrivaled viewing experience that pushes the boundaries of digital art display. Visitors can appreciate the art from Park’s iconic ‘Écriture’ series on The Wall’s immersive 146-inch 4K screen. The Wall All-in-One provides an awe-inspiring visual experience that replicates the intense colours and intricate textures of Park’s painting, allowing visitors to be fully immersed in the artwork.


This collaboration also marks the first digital rendition[1] of Park’s artwork. Utilizing microphotography, the original artwork was captured in 56 segments in an ultra-high resolution and is shown by slowly zooming out from a magnified coin-sized area of the artwork. In this process, the work is imbued with movement and the complex texture of Écriture created with paint and traditional handmade Korean paper, Hanji, is fully brought to life, the entirety of which was perfectly captured by The Wall’s captivating display.


▲ Park Seo-Bo, a leading figure in contemporary Korean art, giving an interview.


“I wanted to highlight the intricate universe of the original artwork by adding a dynamic component into every corner of the painting,” said Park. “The Wall’s digital display masterfully renders the nuanced texture of Hanji and the fluctuating red hues under sunlight, revealing details that could have been easily overlooked with the naked eye.”


Samsung’s The Wall All-in-One is powered by advanced Micro LED technology and has won numerous awards, including ‘2023 Best of Show’ at both Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023 and InfoComm 2023, the world’s leading AV and systems integration exhibitions.


With its convenient installation process of using a pre-adjusted seam, it enables effortless customization to create the perfect ambiance for the displayed content, saving businesses time and resources. Plus, thanks to a sleek and slim design, it seamlessly fits into any commercial environment, making it the preferred choice for businesses looking to elevate their displays.


▲ A documentary film about Park Seo-Bo and his unique art process is played on Samsung’s 85″ Neo QLED 8K signage (QPA-8K) in the media room at the “Origin, Emergence, Return” exhibition at New York’s Rockefeller Center, providing visitors a comprehensive overview of the artist’s vision and creative journey.


The exhibition also features a media room with Samsung’s 85-inch Neo QLED 8K Signage (QPA-8K model), which presents Park’s artistic process through a series of videos and documentaries, providing viewers with a comprehensive overview of the artist’s unique vision and creative journey. Visitors at the Rockefeller Center will have the unique opportunity to see more than 40 pieces of Park’s artwork, including the digital exhibition on The Wall All-in-One, until July 23.


“We are truly honored to showcase Park Seo-Bo’s extraordinary work through The Wall All-in-One, which beautifully highlights the artist’s mastery of colour and texture,” said Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to forge new partnerships and introduce innovative solutions that push the boundaries of display technology.”


For more information on Samsung’s The Wall All-in-One, please visit


▲ The first digital rendition of Park Seo-Bo’s iconic “Écriture” series (Video art title: [1 OF 0], directed by Jifan Park) is on The Wall’s immersive 146-inch 4K screen at the “Origin, Emergence, Return” exhibition at Rockefeller Center, New York.


[1] Video Art Title: [1 OF 0], Directed by Jifan Park

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