Winter is here: with more time spent indoors, Samsung has a range of products to improve your at-home life

on 11-12-2020
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This winter, things look a little different than they have in previous years. Having a living space where you can unwind and come together as a family has always been important, but this year’s social distancing measures highlight the need for the places in your home to not only bring comfort but also to be highly functional.


For example, kitchens are no longer just kitchens. The kitchen table is now also a virtual classroom, a home office, or the place you conference call loved ones at the end of a long day. The living room is no longer just a place to unwind – it’s now a main hub for entertainment or family bonding – maybe it’s even your new home gym! Ultimately, the spaces in our home are working overtime, and with simple upgrades from Samsung, they can function even better.



More than Cooking

While precautions across Canada vary by municipality, it’s clear that kitchens at home will be in use more than ever this year. In fact, with 51% of Canadians expecting to spend less eating out[1] and 19% looking to spend more on groceries,[2] it’s easy to see that this holiday season, kitchens across the country will be busier than ever. The  kitchen space needs to be on its ‘A’ game and the Samsung Family Hub can definitely bring it.



Family Hub serves as a smart home control hub, enabling family members to share calendars and notes with one another while managing smart devices within their home – all through the refrigerator. Family Hub can also share videos from connected smartphones, offer a look inside your fridge with multiple cameras and even notify users when their laundry is done – all on the screen of the refrigerator[3].


One of the greatest features of Family Hub is how it customizes the entire food experience by recommending Smart Recipes based on set dietary preferences. The more meals we make at home, the smaller our repertoire starts to feel. Smart Recipes can do the work for you and find new, inspiring dishes that fit your tastes and personal preferences. Family Hub can even help by coming up with weeklong Meal Plans based on what’s inside the refrigerator, preparing a Shopping List with all the right ingredients. And with everyone opting to shop less frequently and buy more groceries in one visit as a precautionary health measure, it’s important to stay on top of the inventory. Family Hub’s ViewInside cameras use AI image recognition technology to scan fridge contents to send updates on items added or depleted[4]. This will to help you avoid buying something you have in stock already or save you from doing another trip back to the grocery store for an item you forgot to put on your list.


Food is often a source of comfort and means of connection with others, especially around the holidays. With Family Hub Virtual Board, families can share and interact with their favourite songs and photos or relive past family trips right in the middle of all the action– all from their refrigerator.



The New Entertaining

This winter, families will also be looking for ways to keep entertained. One of the quintessential ways to connect as a family? Movie night. Whether it’s introducing your kids to your favourite childhood films or streaming a new classic, coming together as a family to watch movies or TV has taken on even more meaning during these challenging times. Since the onset of the pandemic, 42% of Canadians have said they spend more on streaming services than ever before[5]. With Samsung TVs such as the QLED 8K or The Frame, Canadians can upgrade their entertainment spaces to view content in stunning resolution, creating a whole new home entertainment experience that makes feel like they are at the movies!


Samsung QLED 8K TVs combine cutting-edge innovation to make at home viewing experiences more immersive. Leveraging the power of enhanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, Samsung QLED 8K TVs offer enhanced audio, video and smart capabilities. Plus, Samsung QLED 8K TVs also offer a range of smart features including easy access to apps such as Samsung Health.



Samsung Health service offers a simple solution to satisfy Smart TV users’ fitness and wellness needs by combining free fitness content from world-class partners (including the popular meditation app, Calm)[6] with expert coaches who teach fitness programs including stretching, weight loss, endurance training and more. Who said your living room can’t also double as an in-home gym?



Lastly, entertainment meets art with The Frame – a TV that turns into art when it’s off, for those who love art and love creating a beautiful home space. The Frame offers an ideal solution for those who want to upgrade their home entertainment spaces but don’t want a TV hanging in their living room. The Frame offers Art Mode to show off favourite pieces of art and photography just as they would be seen on an actual picture frame – it fosters inspiration by adding a touch of personal style to existing living spaces. With over 1,400 works of art available for purchase within The Frame’s extensive Art Store catalogue[7], consumers can reimagine the uses of their homes, and how spaces can be inspiring and restorative for the whole family.


For more information on how the latest products from Samsung can step up your home needs, visit or



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[3] Wi-Fi connectivity required.
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[5] Canadians spend more money and time online during pandemic and over two-fifths report a cyber incident – Stats Canada
[6] The free content offered in the app will be available on all 2019 and select 2020 Samsung Smart TV models until May 27, 2021. Offer subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice.
[7] The art pieces are available as a single purchase for $26.99 or a monthly subscription to the Art Store for $7.99 or $79.90 annually. Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice.

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