‘One Design’ (2) The Ultimate TV Design

on December 6, 2011
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How many times have you looked around your house and wished there was less clutter?  Now, how many times have you looked at your TV and wished there was less clutter?  This is the question that Samsung designers asked when they designed their new series of ultra-slim bezel TVs. And from this unlikely question came a breakthrough, creating a harmony in design never before seen.


Samsung’s new series of ultra-slim bezel TVs were crafted with a single unifying concept in mind: One design. The virtually invisible bezel allows the TV to become “One” with its surroundings, the simplicity of form being both timeless and sophisticated. The craftsmanship of the TVs combines its high quality materials into “One” while their high degree of compatibility allows “Oneness” with peripheral devices. The Smart TVs may become the “One” device you need for all your IT needs.


Take a moment to explore the overarching theme of “Oneness” in this video of our ultra slim bezel TVs.


ONE with the Surroundings



The extremely narrow bezel is barely visible, all but merging the television into its frame and minimizing the separation of the TV from its surroundings.



ONE in Eternal Value



An uncluttered and minimalistic design approach achieves a look of timelessness and simplicity without sacrificing sophistication.



ONE in Harmony with Materials



The use of natural, raw materials elicits a greater harmony amongst the product components.



ONE with Relation Devices



A harmonious blend of product designs – from televisions to speakers to Blu-ray players.



ONE in Smart TV



TV becomes smart enough to bring all IT functions to life – web surfing, broadcasting, downloading and more – into one personalized Smart TV.


Be sure to check in for our third installment in this series.  We are sure it will change the way you look at TV.



This is the Second of the ‘One Design’ Series. We would like to share our inspiration, technology and design in the following posts.


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