Cleaner Robot So Smart, it introduces itself

on July 30, 2012
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Hi! I’m Samsung’s visionary robotic cleaner ‘Smart Tango.’ They call me a ‘Cleaner Robot,’ instead of ‘Robot Cleaner’ because I have more abilities than existing robotic vacuum cleaners. My hope for the future is to become a housekeeping robot like the kind you see in Sci-Fi movies.


Well, sorry. Smart Tango is smart, but of course its intelligence is geared towards charting rooms and cleaning them, not talking and writing about itself. We’re going to introduce you to the Samsung’s latest robotic cleaner, not itself. But we’ll keep pretending we’re a Smart Tango anyway.



I’m just over three inches tall, about 14 inches across, and just over 7 pounds.  I know I’m little and cute, but there’s no need to pick me up. I work best and most safely when I’m on the floor.




Tested – Been there, done that I know Im reliabile


I’ve been tested many times. Can you see me in the picture? That’s how hard they trained me. I had to step over threshold-like obstacles 50,000 times with no damage. Thanks to my 12 high-performance sensors, four more than existing robotic cleaners, I was cleverly able to avoid obstacles and clean efficiently.




My previous generations sometimes stumbled into unsafe situations while at work regardless of their abilities to avoid obstacles. So I was born slimmer and sleeker with tougher bumpers. I am actually now the world’s shortest at 79mm. I didn’t get hurt in 200,000 impact tests. I’m a small, strong and smart cleaner robot.




How ‘smart’ am I?




I’m a robot, which means I’m different from machines. Not to brag, but there is a reason that I am called ‘Smart Tango.’ I don’t just move around with my wide 204mm brush when I am cleaning. I navigate my cleaning-path faster using my dual CPU. I classify objects as either “dust spots” or “clean spots” and give adequate time and intensity to cleaning depending on the mess.





I also know how to move. Unlike my forefathers who moved and cleaned perpendicularly, I can move like a surfer on a wave. Also, I can be controlled by a smartphone, a computer, and of course my remote controller.




I can show you what I see, even when youre outside




Can you see my eye shining? I have a camera on the left side and LED light on the right side (so I can get to those trouble spots under the sofa!).  But I can lend you my eyes when you need them.



If you miss your pet, use me to say hello! You can activate me wherever and whenever you want and I will show you where I am – hopefully at home – with my camera. My ‘Smart view’ function will allow you to see at night by using the LED light. I earned the nickname ‘movable CCTV’ as my Smart View  was developed in cooperation with S1, one of the best security service providers in Korea. I work like a video phone, so no matter where you are you can talk with your kids, husband, wife, or whoever is at home!




Step toward the world’s No. 1


Samsung Electronics has secured the No. 1 spot in the South Korean vacuum cleaner market for five years running. I hope to carry on that tradition.


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