3 Home Appliance Trends Taking Over the Samsung Booth at KBIS 2019

on February 20, 2019
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We are moving towards a new era of interior design. Now, instead of hiding appliances away, they are becoming a part of our furniture. Emphasizing design and color, home appliances are reflecting individual tastes and lifestyles as the line between furniture and appliance becomes increasingly blurred.


Today’s millennial-minded consumers have unique concerns throughout the home, which Samsung strives to address in its designs. The company is showcasing a range of home appliances and products at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2019, which hosts over 600 exhibitors from home appliance brands around the world as they display their flagship products, enlivened with insights garnered from interior design experts, product designers and the media. Samsung’s booth embraces this year’s millennial lifestyle trends and demonstrates a deep consideration for its consumers.



Three key elements have emerged as the defining trends of 2019, as the company spotlights a new shift in colors, its commitment to the principles of flat design and a range of built-in packages that suit any lifestyle.



#Colors to Warm the Home

The modern home is warm and inviting, with hues that hold a hint of understated luxury. In keeping with this theme, Samsung has introduced new product colors that bring a comforting glow to the home.


In addition to classic Black Stainless Steel and White versions available for both Front Load and Top Load Washers, the Front Load version is also offered in a beautiful, new Champagne finish. This sleek satin tone complements and brightens any laundry area, with a touch of minimalist beauty that blends seamlessly into its surroundings.  



Samsung’s Tuscan Stainless Steel built-in products and kitchen packages are designed to accentuate the warm, social kitchen with their welcoming color. The package’s natural tones, neutral bronze hue and serene textured finishing evoke an elegance and sophistication which seamlessly integrates into any style of kitchen.



Samsung AirDressers likewise radiate warmth. Their mirror and glass exteriors are finished in Gold Mirror and Classic White, with their different textures deepening the sense of the AirDresser as an atmospheric extension of the space it occupies.




The Foundations of #FlatDesign

As people seek to create spaces that make a real difference in their lives, Samsung thinks deeply about consumers during the design process, listening carefully to their needs to shape a new aesthetic.


With the space constraints of modern homes prompting a new decluttering movement, today’s homeowners are drawn to the smooth and clean lines that have long captivated industrial designers. Consumers are seeking appliances that have seamless built-in finishes and harmonize with the rest of their interior design.



Samsung is informed by the principles of “Flat Design”, a minimalist approach that maximizes usability and minimizes unnecessary aspects, throughout a range of appliances. Flat design is underpinned by the use of hidden displays, recessed handles and minimal dispensers, with a precision engineered flat face that sits flush to the counter front. These features are reflected in a wide variety of appliances at KBIS 2019, such as Flat door featured in French Refrigerator Samsung’s RF8000, creating harmony with the space it occupies. The aesthetic offers an uninterrupted, clean line that extends throughout the rest of the kitchen, with a seamless built-in finish.




Your Home, Your Lifestyle #Built_In

For many households, the kitchen is the hub of the home and finding the perfect kitchen to suit individual needs has emerged as strong priority. Customizability and flexibility in design gives home owners and builders the freedom to create truly personal kitchens.



Samsung’s built-in kitchen packages are built to fit any lifestyle, offering a diverse selection of designs that complement a range of kitchen sizes and shapes.



Leading American luxury home appliance brand, Dacor, is exploring the culture of modern-day entertaining and demonstrating how Dacor products can be integrated and tailored to fit a variety of lifestyles, in an immersive journey entitled: ‘A Tale of Three Parties’. The booth will highlight the brand’s stainless-steel Heritage collection with a brunch setting in the Farm-To-Table Room.



The Gourmand Room features the stainless-steel Modernist collection in an elegant dinner party setting. Finally, a Speakeasy space will display the flourish of the sleek Modernist collection in graphite stainless-steel.



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