4 CES 2014 Videos You may have Missed

on January 16, 2014
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It is hard to believe that it has been almost a week since CES 2014. Samsung revealed many new products, such as the Bendable TV, the world’s largest UHD TV and Curved UHD TV, Chef Collection Home Appliances, Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO, Galaxy Camera 2, NX30, and so much more. Samsung Tomorrow also covered many events and interviews at the Samsung SMART Lounge and Samsung booth @ CES 2014 as well as Samsung Tomorrow editors’ opinions on the latest tech trends. However, there are some things you may have missed during the CES 2014. Here are 4 clips to help you catch up on things you might have missed for the CES 2014.



3D Printing with Galaxy Devices


There is no way anyone can deny the coolness of 3D printings, especially if you can do it at home. If you were at the CES 2014, you could have experienced what it would be like to have a 3D printer at home and make some cool custom-designed accessories with your Galaxy Devices. Here is a cool video that shows you the cool 3D printer printing cool 3D stuff.



Playing games on Samsung SMART TVs     


It is really awesome that we can play high-quality, graphic-oriented games on our mobile devices. But aren’t games always much more vivid when we play them on the big screen? This clip will show what it’s like to play games on the latest Samsung SMART TVs.



Galaxy Gear Mounted Bikes?


Trek bikes are known as one of the coolest bikes out on the market. What if we told you that you can mount some of the coolest tech gadgets, such as Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear, on Trek bikes? This video shows the possibility of taking bike riding to a whole different level.



Samsung Wants You to Party


We are serious. Samsung wants you to party. Why else would Samsung have a separate dark club-like section in the Samsung booth bumping music all day long? Samsung knows that the party doesn’t start unless you have the right sound system. Let Kristin, our special reporter, tell you what it is like to party in Las Vegas with the Giga Sound.


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