4 Upgraded Services of the Galaxy S5

on May 26, 2014
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Have you seen the 10 hidden features of the Galaxy S5? As we previously introduced, the newest Galaxy S5 comes with strengthened usability, particularly with its touch sensor, user privacy, camera, multi-tasking, and more. However, that is not the end. We at Samsung Tomorrow are pleased to announce the 4 upgraded services of the Galaxy S5. Check out these services!

1. Samsung WatchON WatchON_icon

WatchON is a service featuring multiscreen techniques between TV and mobile devices, which provides Live TV, VOD and program recommendations. On the Galaxy S5, it has been much improved in terms of the usability and content. Galaxy S5 users can download Samsung WatchON(Add-on) on Google Play or Samsung Apps.

Samsung WatchON

It has simpler and more intuitive menus with a sophisticated screen design. Also, the accessibility has been enhanced on search and remote control features so you can find the content you want more easily. Moreover, regarding VOD service, detailed information such as trailers, still images and related VODs is provided. In addition to TV programs and VODs, you can also enjoy Youtube videos including UCC, video clips and news as well!

2. S Console S Console_icon

If you are a game enthusiast, you might have heard or already have used the Mobile Console. Previously called ‘Mobile Console’, the integrated launching application that provides optimized games for Samsung Game Pad has been renamed as S Console. Several exciting new titles have been newly added: Dead Space by EA – firstly released for Game Pad through S Console – , Gangstar Vegas by Gameloft, and Metal Slug 3 by SNK.

    S Console 

With just a tap of the ‘Play’ button on the Samsung GamePad, users can easily access the S Console app. If you connect your HDMI cable with the TV or monitor, you can enjoy the game more vividly with a broader screen. Galaxy S5 users can download S Console on Google Play or Samsung Apps.

3. Group Play Group Play_icon

Introduced at the Samsung Developers Conference 2013Group Play is a real-time content sharing service. Using Group Play, you can not only share photos and music, but also play games on separate or combined screens.

Group Play

Galaxy S5 users now can enjoy an even greater variety of features. The newly launched ‘Group Camcorder‘ feature lets the person who creates the group edit videos recorded by each participant in the group! Using the new ‘Invitation‘ feature, the creator of a group can invite another user nearby and the invitation message pops up on the invited user’s screen. By clicking the pop-up message, s/he can enter the group right away.

Moreover, a total of 20 games and applications were added for the Group Play users. Using ‘Store‘ menu, you can enjoy games including ‘Cheers Rabbit‘, ‘Beat Racer’ and more! Galaxy S5 users can download Group Play app on Google Play or Samsung Apps.

4. Samsung Link Samsung Link_icon

The Galaxy S5 has newly enabled users to access and manage the content of various devices remotely, such as smartphone, tablet, Galaxy camera and PC connected through a Samsung account, by using the ‘Device‘ menu pre-loaded on the Gallery, Music, and Video apps.

Samsung Link

Now if you install the Samsung Link application, you can use full-set of streamlined features such as ‘Turning on PC remotely’, ‘Uploading photos taken on your smartphone and tablet to PC’, and ‘Search all kinds of content stored in different devices’! Galaxy S5 users can download Samsung Link on Google Play or Samsung Apps.

The Galaxy S5 has renewed itself while providing upgraded services in regard to the most frequently used features, such as multimedia, game, and content sharing and managing. For users to enjoy more values in life, Samsung Electronics has shown another evolution that will never stop, through the Galaxy S5.

Samsung will continue strengthening the products’ usability to provide customers with the best user experience. For more information, feel free to check out Samsung’s Content & Services website.

*All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation. 

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