6 Kinds of Ill-timed Phone Calls

on August 19, 2013
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What is the difference between calling and texting? Get ready for the big word…..Commitment! Think about it. Unlike texting, once someone answers your phone call, you expect him to fully participate in the conversation till someone decides to end it. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a commitment to me! And yes, I am making a huge deal out of a simple ‘phone call’. Anyway, when you ask someone for a commitment, the least you can do is to do it when you are ready. You might think you are so cool that ‘anytime’ is the ’best time’ to call, but that is not the case. Here is the list of 6 kinds of ill-timed phone calls.


Handing the phone to two people who don’t know each other


1.    Handing the phone to two people who don’t know each other


“Wait, talk to my friend really quick. Oh yeah, by the way, you never met him and don’t know him at all.”


“No! Don’t! Why!”


It is so awkward meeting someone new over the phone, because it not really about ‘getting to know someone’. For that short period of time (which by the way, feels like an eternity) your only duty is to avoid the silence. You are not interested in meeting this person or even talking to the person.


However, you feel somewhat obligated to be nice, just because it is your friend; and still… there is absolutely nothing to talk about and the conversation is unnatural and involuntary. Most likely, you both end up talking bad about your mutual friend. The things we say to avoid the awkwardness and silence could all be prevented! Just hang up the phone and call your friend later!




Speaking through the Wind


2.    Speaking through the Wind


Have you ever been on the phone with a person who is walking against the wind? OK, forget the fact that you cannot hear a single word that the person is saying, doesn’t the sound of the wind over the phone sound like a team of zombies screaming? Like the ones from the movie “World War Z”? I must say, it can sound quite eerie.


Of course, you and I know it is not zombies, because, duh, zombies don’t exist (right?). That is why when I receive this kind of phone call, I immediately ask, “Where are you? Are you OK?” Anyway, the point is, don’t call someone when the wind is whipping around, or else they may fear for your life at the hands of zombies.



Forcing a call when you have no reception


3.    Forcing a call when you have no reception


You are at the top of the mountain looking at the landscape of countless mountain ridges in harmony with the light blue sky. You are overwhelmed with sudden rush of emotions and memories, such as times with your best friend. You’re filled with the need to keep in touch.


But you’re at top of a mountain; there is no reception. You hold the phone up to the sky and wander around like a lost sheep. Finally, you get a bar of reception, after searching for what seemed like ever! Quickly, you dial up your friend for what you are sure will be the deepest conversation you will ever have… and it goes something like this.


“Hey, hello? Helloooo~ Can you hear me? Huh? I just called you to say…can you hear me? Helloooo~ Oh, ok, I’ll just call you later.”


Save your time, enjoy the moment, don’t waste it with a call you know won’t be received. This goes for all those times when it’s really just the best to soak in the world around you.




Speaking and eating


4.    Speaking and eating


Multitasking is widely considered as a skillset. But, seriously, is there anyone out there who doesn’t call themselves a multitasker? Is there anyone out there who can walk and run at the same time? And we call ourselves multitaskers!! It’s not so easy because our body parts allow only so much in terms of multitasking.


For example, we can do a lot of things with our mouth, such as talking, singing, and eating, but not more than one thing at the same time. Therefore, whenever you think you can eat and speak at the same time, you are wrong!


Mumbling and occasionally spraying food out of your mouth is not a language! Of course, this unsanitary scene is not really visible to the other person on the line. However, just because they can’t see it, doesn’t mean they can’t visualize it… or hear it! The sound of you speaking with food in your mouth, itself, is enough to picture an extremely vivid mental image.


As Yoda would say, “Powerful thing, imagination is.”



Calling from a loud club


5.    Calling from a loud club


You are at a club and you just spotted a celebrity partying next to you. Quickly, you try to take a picture of her and share it online. Then most likely, you will call your friend and say,


“Dude, guess who I just saw?”


His most likely response,


“Hello? Who is this? Huh? I can’t hear you!”


Generally, when you are in a club, you have to yell at the person’s ear. Therefore, the probability of having a conversation over the phone successfully is quite low. Why not save that time and go talk to that celebrity like you are the coolest person in the world? You can still post a shot of you and the celeb hanging out online. You won’t need to call your friends, they’ll call you!



Talking forever


6.    Talking forever


If there is a super power that absolutely nobody should have, it would be the ability to talk forever over the phone. Sometimes your girlfriend seems to possess this power, although not all supertalkers are women. You return home from work late at night and all you want to do is veg out. Right about when you are ready to close your eyes, you get a call from him or her… the “talker”. You can’t simply ignore it, because you love her (or him) and are also a little afraid of the consequences if you ignore her (or him).


2 Hours later, with the phone stuck to the side of your face like a stamp, you are barely breathing just for the sake of love. You look at the clock and you have 3 hours until work. I’m guessing that you’ve all experienced this phenomenon, so let’s have a little self-awareness and not put anyone through this again!



Do you have a friend who does this to you all the time? Feel free to share this article with the friend who needs a lesson! It is free to share. Sharing is caring.



Written by ASyk



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