6 Kinds of Unacceptable Refrigerators

on October 11, 2013
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HOPE. It is a majestic word that shouldn’t be defined by someone like me, but since it’s essential to this article, I’ll take a shot at describing how it feels. Hopefully you’ll see where I’m coming from.


Hope is the instinctive courage and optimistic expectation one has when one grabs the door of the refrigerator.


The description entails no exaggeration. As soon as we sense that delightful and familiar texture of the refrigerator handle, mental images of a beautiful plate of sautéed chicken and vegetables, lasagna, or fresh fruits and juices dances into our minds. However, the word ‘Hope’ can quickly turn into words like ‘Disappointment, Regret, Depression or Trauma’. I dedicate this piece to those traumatic moments, where the hope of what lies on the other side of the kitchen door is so quickly extinguished. So, before you continue to read along, be warned that this article might cause you to shed a few tears.



1. Foods that are day or two past the expiration date         


Start the debate


This is the moment when your ability to think rationally is put to test. There is an expiration date on foods for reason. It is basically saying, “Umm. I wouldn’t eat it past this date if I were you,” which sounds pretty compelling, especially since it’s coming from the producers.


However, when you are so hungry and have no better option, what do you do? You try to override your rational thinking and convince yourself that everything is going to be alright despite that expiration date glaring at you. As the debate between hunger and logic begins; let us be reminded that, generally, there is never an absolute winner in debate competitions.



2. Fridge full of sauces, condiments or beverages.. only


What am i supposed to cook?



The inside of the refrigerators can be pretty deceptive. When your refrigerator looks fairly full, you expect that it is ready to provide you with some options for a solid meal. However, as you explore your options, you quickly realize that the only things in the refrigerator are bottles of ketchup, mustard, ranch sauce, teriyaki sauce, milk and water. Hmm.. What in the world are these ingredients suggesting that you should cook? Another sauce?

It is extremely frustrating and it is more frustrating when you find yourself squeezing a bottle of ketchup into your mouth. Prevent yourself from being deceived by organizing your fridge so that you have a separate section for sauces, condiments or beverages… that way, when you look inside, you’ll know exactly what you have. If that sounds like an impossible task, maybe it is time for you to take a look at Samsung Food ShowCase.

3. No Meats or No Vegetables

That feeling of emptiness

How can you have a hot dog without the dog? A Cesar salad without the greens?  Frustration is probably already running through your brain as you imagine the situation of having a full fridge but lacking meats and vegetables. These things have brief windows of freshness and therefore have to be purchased frequently… which in turn means that you run out frequently! No meat might not be a problem for vegetarians, and no veggies might not be a big deal to meat lovers. But the other way around? No way José!

4. Messy and Disorganized

Don't test your sanity, if you don't have to

With the constant rotation of food products, organizing your refrigerator gets more difficult by the shopping trip and at certain points, you just let it go. Every time you open your refrigerator, you just stand there and marvel at how your refrigerator has gotten messier and messier, which makes it extremely annoying to find what you need. Especially when you are hungry, a disorganized refrigerator makes it hard to keep your cool. Trying to find things in a messy fridge might put your patience and sanity to test.

If this happens too frequently, once again, it is time for you to check out the Samsung Food Showcase. The concept of Incase and Showcase of it makes it quite easy to organize your food around and keep your sanity when you need it.

5. Same Types of Frozen Food

It is sad when only you thing have in the fridge looks like this

Quantity does not mean variety. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you are left with same type of frozen food? The reason your freezer is overloading with the same type of food is because, most likely, you’ve been avoiding consuming them. You probably bought the product out of curiosity or promotional scheme and never actually had much of an interest in actually eating the items! Guess what? Now you have to eat them for the next 7 days regardless of how they taste! Hey, at least you still have all those condiments and sauces to help you survive the next 7 days.

6. Emptiness

That feeling of more intense emptiness

There is nothing worse than an empty fridge. An empty refrigerator is the epitome of how disappointment, regret, depression and trauma feel all at the same time. It is hard to continue to write about this particular section, because I’m afraid I might go through a downward spiral for the rest of the day. Please, let’s make sure this happens to no one.  Shop frequently and treat your fridge with the love and respect it deserves.

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Written by ASyk


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