6 videos about Samsung Smart Home will show you what it is all about

on November 10, 2014
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Before we show you the most recent videos on Samsung’s Smart Home, we want to briefly remind you what BK Yoon, the chief executive of Samsung Electronics said about ‘the Home of the Future’ at the IFA 2014.


“The biggest change, the biggest transformation, it will happen in our Homes, at a speed we can barely imagine.”


Yes, it may sound a bit ambitious and futuristic, but the transformation has already begun; and Samsung’s Smart Home is at the forefront of it. Now, here are the videos we talked about. See how Samsung Smart Home will make your home smarter and your life much easier.


The Overall Introduction to Smart Home




How you can monitor your home Appliances




Watching movies at home will be easier than ever




You can watch TV in the kitchen… on your refrigerator




You can do your laundry with an app




Why not clean your home while you are at it




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