7 features of the Samsung Headphones, Samsung Level Over

on May 21, 2014
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There is a lot of talk about headphones lately, as there should be. Since smartphones like Galaxy S5 features more than enough processing speed (2.5GHz Quad core AP, 2GB RAM), storage space(16/32GB + microSD) and battery life (2800mAh) for playing thousands of songs, now more than ever, there is less incentive to carry around a separate portable device to play music. Therefore, it is time we start talking about headphones that are optimized for listening through smartphones. Here are 7 impressive features of the Samsung Level Over headphones.



#1 Wait for the Bass to drop: the 50mm driver unit.


First things first. As we reviewed the Samsung Level previously, the most important thing about headphones is the sound. Samsung Level Over has sought to reproduce sound closest to its original source in the most natural form, otherwise known as the organic sound, without any artificial additives or intentional adjustments.

50mm bio-cellulose driver units equipped with a neodymium magnet are used in high-end professional headphones (click here to see why the size of the driver unit makes difference). The 50mm bio-cellulose driver unit delivers the powerful bass everyone wants without giving up the balanced details. And then the Neodymium magnets, which are 30% stronger than regular magnets and thus can send the sounds with much less delay from the source, produce a clear and sharp sound.



#2 It can be wireless headphones: the APT-X Codec


Although the cable for the headphones ensures the quality of the sound and adds some flavor to the style, it is not necessary with the Samsung Level Over; you have the option to go wireless. Samsung Level Over supports listening via Bluetooth, and is able to bring you the high quality sounds to your wireless experience thanks to the APT-X Codec. APT-X is the audio codec for real-time streaming of high quality stereo audio over Bluetooth between the mobile devices and Bluetooth headphones. APT-X codec must be available in both the mobile device and the Bluetooth, but the good news is that almost all Samsung devices have been using APT-X codec since 2012.)



#3 Concentrate on the sound: Active Noise Cancellation.


Active Noise Cancellation (or ANC) is a technology that balances out the unnecessary external sound internally. On Samsung Level Over, a total of 4 mics, located inside and out of the cup, analyzes the noises and cancels the ones that may hinder your listening experience. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the change in the original sound, because it includes a specially designed EQ circuit to maintain the sounds color even when the ANC is activated.


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#4 No missed calls: Noise Reduction/Echo Cancellation function


Since Samsung Level Over calls itself “specialized for mobile devices,” this feature seems necessary. The headphones not only accept phone calls, but they also improve them. Level Overs features Noise Reduction/Echo Cancellation function, a telecommunication technology that isolates the ambient noise on the recipient’s side and preventing the caller’s voice echo.



#5 No missed messages: The App and Text-To-Speech


Again, since these headphones are specialized for mobile devices, of course they need a dedicated app. “Samsung Level” is a downloadable application, which provides various additional functionalities including Text-To-Speech (TTS) and a built-in volume monitoring system. TTS is a voice guidance service, which informs the user on the arrival of text messages and their senders, pre-scheduled notices as well as alarms. A built-in volume monitoring system protects the user from over-exposure to high volume levels by alerting users with a cautionary reminder on the risk of hearing damage when the user is exposed to an excessive amount of sound during a certain span of time. Check Samsung Apps or Google Play for system requirements as features may vary by product model or operating system.



#6 Pairing is so easy: NFC


Most smartphones feature Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing. NFC might be the easiest way to pair two or more devices and Samsung Level Over supports it. You can sync your Samsung Level Over headphones with your mobile devices by turning NFC on and tapping it on the left cuff of your Samsung Level Over. Easy and simple.



#7 Controlling is so easy: Touch Controls


Touch Controls of Samsung Level Over


Just because these headphones can sync to your mobile device doesn’t necessarily mean that you need your mobile device each time you want to chance tracks or volume. You can either tap or swipe on the right cuff of your headset to do it without having to take out your source device, which is intuitive.


 Touch Controls also work when you’re answering a phone call. Double tap to answer a call or press it for 3 seconds to reject it. It works the same when you have another incoming call – double tap to put your current call on hold and receive the other call, or press 3 seconds to end the current call and answer the incoming one.



If you would like to know more about the Samsung Level headphones, feel free to check out the review we did on it. It not only delves into some of the features in more detail, it also goes over the design. If you are someone who carries music on your mobile devices, Samsung Level Over will maximize your listening experience.



*All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation. 

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