7 IDEA 2011 Award Winners from Samsung Electronics

on July 12, 2011
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The winners of this year’s International Design Excellence Awards(IDEA) have been announced. Samsung produced 7 winners, and we’d like to introduce you to our designs that will be receiving IDEA honors in New Orleans come September.





1. HMX-Q10


The Q10 features a SwitchGrip design that lets you rotate the camcorder so you can shoot Full HD videos using either hand – whether you’re righty or lefty. It also features an easy one-button operation and the intuitive Smart Touch 3 that puts the full power of the camcorder right at your fingertips.
“The simplified user interface leaves all the functions of conventional camcorders intact while making them easier to use.”  – IDEA





2. VV-Talker (Student)

The VV-Talker device is designed to aid deaf-mute children in their pursuit for more communicative speech. VV-Talker records the throat vibration of normal speakers, and allows deaf-mute children to “feel” what a voice sounds like. The aim of this tool is to help these children understand and develop their own speaking skills, as well as inspiring them to practice communication with others.
“This complements the senses of deaf children, enabling them to compare their speech with that of others.” – IDEA













1. The Micro Projector
The Micro Projector is a portable projector which easily connects to a laptop or PC, and allows the user to project the contents of a computer screen to a large audience. The mobility of this projector allows for ultimate ease, and the projector easily connects through a USB port.




2. 2.5″ External HDD
The 2.5″ External HDD uses a silicone rubber cover, which not only makes the design stylish and attractive, but protects the user’s data from external impact.
“The design of this external HDD sought to deliver warm emotions through both visual and tactile means.” – IDEA




3. Genie UX
The Genie UX was designed to reduce confusing digital camera menu options, and allow users to tailor their camera’s menu functions to their personal needs and uses.  With the Genie UX, the user is able to access most menu functions from the initial screen, and thus save their time to concentrate on taking photographs.
“The Genie UX offers an environment tailored to the individual user. “ – IDEA




4. In & Out Door (Student)

The aim of the In & Out Door is to eliminate confusion about whether a door should be pushed or pulled. The spring-loaded push panel and pull handle work in tandem to create a smooth entry or exit.




5. Light Breath (Student)
Light Breath was designed to aid people in critical disaster situations where it can be difficult to see or breathe due to heavy smoke, debris, or dust. The user of Light Breath can simply bite on the mouthpiece to breathe in clean, filtered air. Light Breath also functions as a hands-free flashlight, which the user can bite to activate. Being able to see, breathe clean air, and use both hands will allow the user maximum control and peace of mind in emergency situations.
“The design of Light Breath is similar to a snorkel respirator to help people recognize how to use it intuitively.” – IDEA





Though not awarded, there were also a number of finalists. They are:



1. The Samsung Series 9 laptop
The Series 9 was designed with mobility in mind. Its dramatic duralumin enclosure is twice the strength of aluminum, despite being light in weight. The Arch Flow design comes from the idea of a piece of paper loosely folded in half. The side trim of chrome finishes off the stylish edges representing ‘light’.





2. Tablet Note PC(Gloria) and UX
Gloria allows users to access the tablet functions through both the conventional touch screen, and through a full QWERTY keyboard, the first of its kind on a tablet. This unique design uses a tilting hinge and sliding screen which allows easy access to the QWERTY keyboard, making this already easy-to-use device even easier.







3. The SD Memory Card Series
The SD Memory Card Series allows users to more easily access information and remember what information is stored by using chips made from different materials, with different textures and colors. Thus, these chips can trigger the memory of the user and indicate what data may be stored within.




WSSG-3700CR  is Samsung’s newest set of 3D glasses.  While the popularity of 3D TV glasses is on the rise, Samsung’s goal was to reduce the weight of the glasses by using light-weight materials and smaller parts.  We also moved the center of gravity so that the glasses have a lighter feel.  When the glasses are taken off, the power goes off; and when the glasses are put on, the glasses turn back on.






SA950 is a monitor designed with a plethora of uses. It allows users to instantly toggle between 2D and 3D mode, and can even update photos or home videos from 2D to 3D. Additionally, this monitor can be used for everyday computing functions at work or home, business presentations, video gaming, TV viewing, etc.




6. Other finalists
XE500C Chromebook: http://www.idsa.org/xe500c-121-google-chrome-os-notebook-pc

NS310 Laptop: http://www.idsa.org/ns310-101-notebook-pc
SP-H03 Pico Mobile Projector: http://www.idsa.org/sp-h03-led-pico-projector-ultra-small-projector
SA/TA750 Monitor: http://www.idsa.org/sa750-led-monitor

During the last couple of years, Samsung also has had some Gold-Prize winners. We’ll share them with you next time.



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