7 Reasons Why Bigger is Better

on August 4, 2015
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7 Reasons Why Bigger is Better


Since the dawn of the mobile phone, we’ve seen it fluctuate in size again and again, from large to small and back as if it were on a yo-yo diet. But recent years have seen screen sizes getting bigger and bigger, model after model. And for good reason.


The phone is no longer just for making calls and listening to music. It has evolved into a life companion capable of making just about every aspect of our lives more convenient, and screen size plays a big part in this. It also allows us to share every moment of life in a more creative way. When it comes right down to it, bigger is better, and here are seven reasons why.


Taking Pictures


While a bigger screen won’t necessarily improve the quality of a phone’s camera, it will help you take better pictures. Whether you’re shooting a selfie, trying to isolate the right subject to focus on or deciding which filter to use, the larger display gives you a clearer image of what you are photographing.


Filming Videos


When it comes to content, video is king. No other media captures the essence of all of life’s precious moments better, and, like photos, creating videos is easier with a bigger screen. It also makes editing, which can involve continuous dragging, dropping and other touch controls, a breeze. This means better videos can be created by just about anyone, driving more social sharing of inspiring stories and informative narratives.



7 Reasons Why Bigger is Better


Read More, Do More


Whether you’re browsing the web or delving deep into an e-book, bigger screens are better for a number of reasons. First of all, you can see far more content on a larger screen. This means a broader overview of your social network feeds and less scrolling when reading long articles.


More display real estate also allows users to split screens into two panes, so multiple apps can be accessed side-by-side at the same time, allowing for increased productivity. You can enjoy your favorite movie or novel without disruption while you check an urgent message from your friend. Finally, bigger screens (and subsequently bigger text) decrease eye strain, which creates a more comfortable user experience.


Emailing and Messaging


When video chatting isn’t possible, a bigger screen allows for easier and more efficient emailing and text messaging. Thanks to a larger touch keyboard, users can say farewell to fat-fingered, awkward typos and select appropriate emoticons effortlessly. Likewise, a more sizeable space makes it easier to doodle, write and perform other various chatting tasks.


7 Reasons Why Bigger is Better


Doing Business


Mobile phones with bigger screens, which are often equipped with a pen (like the Galaxy Note’s S Pen), are useful for writing memos, annotating documents or even drawing diagrams. When paired with note-taking apps, large-screened devices are a great tool for improving collaboration within a business, as ideas from meetings or presentations can be quickly jotted down and shared with colleagues.


Watching Movies


This is an obvious one, of course, but important, nonetheless. A bigger, clearer display ensures that you catch all of the action, romance and drama of your favorite movies, thus making for a better viewing experience. This is especially important when you’re on the go and without access to a television.


Playing Games


While some games work well on small displays, with others, you really benefit from a larger display. Games look more vivid and realistic, and the game’s buttons and controls are larger and easier to press. Tapping, in general, is a more accurate experience, meaning you have a much better possibility of beating your high score (and gaining the bragging rights that come along with it).


7 Reasons Why Bigger is Better



Because the smartphone is now a hybrid of devices — and increasingly, the most common way to interact with the world — a bigger screen allows a mobile device to play all of these roles at once. Time will only tell as to what the future holds for smartphone screen size, but it’s likely that even bigger and better things are going to happen… and soon.

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