A Day Out in Seoul, as Seen Through the Galaxy A90 5G’s Camera

on October 4, 2019
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Built for the Era of Live, the latest addition to Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy A series, the Galaxy A90 5G, allows you to harness the power of 5G for faster data speeds, lower lag times and much more reliable, real-time connections. This latest smartphone combines this next-level connectivity with powerful, enhanced features that let you capture, stream and share the way you want, including an improved camera experience.


The Galaxy A90 5G’s triple camera can deliver advanced quality pictures in any situation and lighting condition, showcased here by taking the device on a vibrant whistlestop tour of Seoul. Check out the pictures below to see how, with the Galaxy A90 5G, you can capture the striking scenery of the city in autumn – all in under 24 hours.



10am: Gyeongbokgung in All Its Glory

The biggest of Seoul’s Five Grand Palaces, Gyeongbokgung Palace is an unmissable first stop on a tour of the city. Once you’ve reached the palace dressed like royalty in Korean traditional dress, hanbok, the Galaxy A90 5G will be able to capture every striking part of the Palace’s intricate architecture and detailing for you thanks to its 48MP High-resolution Main camera.



Then, for a shot that easily captures the palace complex in all its beauty, the Galaxy A90 5G also comes with an Ultra Wide camera. You can be sure to capture every aspect of the scene in front of you as you pass the morning wandering Gyeongbokgung thanks to the Ultra Wide camera’s 123-degree angle of view – the same as the human eye.


Photos taken with the Galaxy A90 5G’s Main Camera (top) and Ultra Wide angle camera (bottom)


Not only does the Galaxy A90 5G’s powerful camera let you capture photos and videos of your experience with ease, it also allows you to share these moments in high quality with your friends and family – live. While exploring the palace, why not take advantage of the power of 5G to show off your surroundings on a video call to your family, or seamlessly go live on social media to keep your friends in the loop.




1pm: A Pedicab Ride Into the Past in Bukchon Hanok Village

A historical tour of Seoul isn’t complete without a stop off at Bukchon Hanok Village. Nestled in the hills just beside Gyeongbokgung Palace, here you can travel back in time hundreds of years thanks to the Village’s collection of striking traditional houses.



A pedicab is a great way to explore this historical area in style, and while you’re taking in the sights and experiences, you can be sure to capture all the action smoothly thanks to the Galaxy A90 5G’s Super Steady Video feature.


* Videos have been edited for lighting consistency


Furthermore, why not commemorate the experience with a selfie on the Galaxy A90 5G’s 32 MP Front Camera that not only captures the best of your surroundings, but also of you thanks to its built-in intelligent selfie features.




3pm: Eating Like the Locals at a Traditional Korean Restaurant

Eating the local cuisine is one of the best ways to experience a country’s culture, and a morning of exploring is sure to have worked up an appetite, so be sure to stop by a traditional Korean restaurant.



With the Galaxy A90 5G’s Scene Optimizer software, you can intelligently and easily optimize your meal-time snaps to ensure your pictures look good enough to eat.



Scene Optimizer recognizes 30 types of subjects, from food to sunset to people, and intelligently adjusts the camera for the perfect shot – a picture-taking shortcut that’ll give you more time to dig in and enjoy.



7pm: Soaking Up a Night View at Seoullo

For a unique view of the city as it comes to life at night, you should head to Seoullo 7017, an elevated park built upon a former overpass in the bustling Seoul Station area, as sunset falls. You can be sure to capture the dynamic nighttime scenes around you as you explore Seoullo 7017 without losing a single detail thanks to the Galaxy A90 5G’s Night Mode.


Photos taken with the Galaxy A90 5G without Night Mode enabled (top) and with Night Mode enabled (bottom)


Night Mode helps you take bright, clear nighttime photos that balance areas of light contrast to bring out the best of what’s in front of you. The Galaxy A90 5G’s intelligent camera will even suggest the Mode to you when it detects that light conditions are low.


As nighttime falls over Seoul, why not share your excitement at your surroundings in a video clip that puts you in the spotlight. With the Galaxy A90 5G’s camera, you can focus on what matters and make it stand out with Live Focus effect on both photos and videos.



Live Focus uses advanced technology to detect the subject, letting you soften the background and adjust depth of field. Put what is important center stage and capture unforgettable memories as they happen with the Galaxy A90 5G’s powerful camera.

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