A Galaxy S6 Camera Mode for Everyone

on July 22, 2015
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Galaxy S6 Camera Mode


These days, taking high-quality, beautiful images is just a tap (on your smartphone) away. Smart devices have revolutionized the way people capture their important milestones and even their everyday lives. And with the release of its latest Galaxy flagship devices, Samsung is leading the way for smartphone camera technology. The Galaxy S6 features a variety of camera modes available to download from the mobile app store so you can further optimize the superior camera capabilities by offering pre-set modes to suit any situation.


The Galaxy S6 already has some of the best camera technology available on any handheld device. With a 5MP front-facing camera and a 16MP rear-facing camera, Galaxy S6 cameras also come with wide aperture for low-light shooting, real time auto HDR and more for amazing photos with very little effort. But even with standard amazing camera quality, some situations call for special features to take full advantage of everything Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have to offer.


Galaxy S6 Camera Mode


Which Camera Modes Match Your Lifestyle?


The Foodie – Food Shot
As food culture grows, so does “foodie” culture. You can’t dine out anymore without seeing at least a handful of people snapping pics of their meals as soon as they are set before them. And as the fame of every day social media users grow, the ability to capture mouth-watering #foodie pics is a necessity for all smart devices. The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Foot Shot mode allows you to change the color range to make your photos warmer or cooler and change the dimensions of the shot to fit perfectly with any SNS channel.


The Active Lifestyle Enthusiasts– Sports Shot, Fast Motion, Slow Motion
For active lifestyle enthusiasts, capturing the action is easy. With a fast shutter speed and tracking auto-focus, you can catch your friend’s kick flip or your child’s first basket clearly, without worries. Yoga enthusiasts can record their flows in fast motion, and dancers can slow down that incredible spin in slow motion.


Galaxy S6 Camera Mode


The Traveler – Virtual Shot, Panorama, Surround Shot, Wide Selfie
For all you globetrotters, Samsung has created the perfect presets for your travels. Of course there’s the standard panorama setting. And then Samsung goes beyond by including Virtual Shot (a 360 degree photo), Surround Shot (a series of photos that records a spherical view of a landscape) and Wide Selfie (a panorama mode for the front-facing camera). Take wanderlust-inducing photos of all your adventures with these unique camera modes.


Galaxy S6 Camera Mode


The Fashionista – Selective Focus, Beauty Face, Shot and More, Interval Shot
More and more fashionistas and trendsetters are sharing their #OOTD and #whatiwore photos. Using Selective Focus mode makes sure you focus on what you want to highlight in your photos. Beauty Face mode adds luminance to the skin to erase any blemishes and gives you a soft, youthful complexion. After taking selfies, you can edit the shot to make eyes larger, skin brighter, face slimmer and more. Shot and More takes rapid-fire photos and chooses the best one for you. Interval Shot is like a photo booth, taking four photos, then allowing you to select which one to save.


The Blogger – Sound and Shot, Animated GIF, Dual Camera
For bloggers (and vloggers), there’s a number of camera modes to help you post the most interesting content. Sound and Shot records nine-second sound bites to go with your photos. Animated GIF mode takes photos in fast bursts while holding down the camera button, then automatically sequencing the images into gifs. Dual Camera mode lets you take a photo with your front and rear camera, simultaneously. The result is a rear-facing photo, with your face in the top right corner. With changeable frames, your personality shines every time.


The Decision Maker – Pro
Pro mode is different from the other downloadable presets because it allows you to make all the decisions. This mode is perfect for those who like to be in control. Pro mode allows you to choose details like ISO, white balance, exposure, depth of field or even use preset color palettes. Filters include vivid (high contrast), soft (high luminosity), nostalgic (sepia tone) and more. You can even set up two presets of your own to store and easily apply.


Galaxy S6 Camera Mode


Samsung’s advanced camera technology is making it possible for people of all lifestyles to capture the moments that are most important to them with a level of quality beyond the capabilities of most smart devices. Samsung continues to deliver products that enhance the daily lives of people all over the world. Each camera mode was especially formulated to fit the many lifestyles of users, enabling them to capture the moments that matter most to them beautifully, every time.


*Please note modes available for the front-facing camera are: Selfie, Wide Selfie, Virtual Shot, Interval Shot, Animated GIF and Sound and Shot. Beauty Mode is available within Selfie Mode.


Modes available for rear-facing camera are: Auto, Pro, Selective Focus, Panorama, Slow Motion, Fast Motion, Virtual Shot, Animated GIF, Sound and Shot, Beauty Face, Food Shot, Sports Shot, Rear-cam Selfie, Shot and More, Dual Camera and Surround Shot.

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