A look under the hood: dissecting ATIV Smart PC Pro

on December 18, 2012
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‘ATIV Smart PC Pro’ has been receiving attention from the media and online due toits unique combination of portability and convenience that you expect from a tablet combined with the power and performance you need from a PC.. How does ‘ATIV Smart PC Pro’, built to maximize performance for users on-the-go, look on the inside?




1. First metal cooling fan in the PC industry – metal blade fan


Unlike existing tablets, the high performance components built into the Smart PC  can quickly generate heat while performing complicated tasks. In order to fully realize the potential of these high performance components, it’s critical for heat to be removed effectively. In ordinary laptops, heat is primarily blocked by the keyboard. However, with a hand-held device like Smart PC, the need for quick cooling is extremely important for user comfort and safety.

To achieve quick cooling, an appropriate volume of wind, or air, is necessary. Air volume can be increased by using larger wings. Larger wings mean thicker products, which can then lead to greater noise created by the fan. Recognizing limitations of existing plastic fans, the developers behind ATIV Smart PC Pro applied a metal fan for the first time in the PC industry.


While existing plastic fans range from 0.6 to 1.2mm thick, metal fans measure a very slender 0.3mm. The resulting products, such as the ATIV Smart PC Pro, can be designed to be significantly thinner and easier to carry. With the metal fan, air volume was increased by 30% and noise was reduced by 25%, allowing high performance components to fully exhibit their functions.


2. Communication module


Foreign telecommunications companies realized that existing tablet products are only appropriate for contents consumption and are limited in contents production. There has been great interest in convertible PCs equipped with Wintel (Windows + Intel) for the combination of portability and productivity.


The usual order of release for PC products starts with the first release of Wi-Fi products and then the release of those products by telecommunications companies after the testing period. Samsung Electronics was able to simultaneously release Wi-Fi and 3G/4G models by completing its development in a short period of time, based on the know-how gained by manufacturing slate PCs. AT&T in the United States released Smart PC Wi-Fi and 4G at the same time, and in Korea, products will be sold through telecommunications companies starting January 2013.


3. 128GB SSD (storage device) and Intel 3G Processor Core i5 (CPU)


ATIV Smart PC Pro is characterized by Intel 3G Processor Core i5 and 128GB SSD, which are applied to mid and premium priced models such as ‘Series 5 Ultra’ or better, while maintaining an appearance identical to tablets. The ATIV Smart PC Pro, with i5 CPU and 128GB SSD, supports booting times of just 8 seconds and high performance games like StarCraft 2.


4. LCD + touch screen panel + digitizer panel (S pen recognition)


The screen of ATIV Smart PC Pro is composed of LED LCD, a touch screen, and a digitizer panel for recognition of S pen. The touch screen panel (TSP) was changed from single routing on X axis to double routing on X and Y axes, increasing recognition rate, response rate and accuracy.


With the S pen, interference (noise) is easily created by high power components like i5 CPU, and it is extremely difficult in terms of technology to maintain the pen pressure of 1,024 in PC. The digitizer panel was tuned in order to reduce this interference. LCD circuits provided by suppliers for assembly were directly received and modified by our development team. We successfully reduced interference with the Wacom fan controller by working directly with Wacom developers from Japan, who visited and designed specifically for the mainboard.


5. Internalized S pen


Samsung Electronics offers the digitizer pen by Wacom, Japan, which is preferred by most graphic professionals as an internalized pen. The S pen included with the ATIV Smart PC Pro provides 1,024 pen pressure and sense of grip identical to S pen on Galaxy Note 10.1. This pen can be utilized in various applications including MS Office, S Note, and S Camera.


By looking inside the ATIV Smart PC Pro, we hope that you’ll have a greater appreciation for its versatility, speed, and convenience.  Combining the best parts of a tablet and PC, it’s sure to travel wherever you go and surpass all your expectations.


 All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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