Navibot S – A Smarter Way to Clean (update: infographic)

on September 2, 2011
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Samsung Electronics announced the launch of the NaviBot S, a visionary robotic cleaning device that provides hands-free automated floor cleaning, building on the already successful introduction of this robotic cleaner line-up so far, with even more advanced technologies.


The NaviBot S takes the hassle out of household cleaning by allowing users to vacuum any room in their home simply with the touch of a button. For increased ease of use, the unit comes equipped with an Auto Dust Emptying function, so when it needs to empty, NaviBot S intelligently returns to the charge base where it can evacuate its dust container into a central ‘bin’, refreshing its charge and getting ready to clean again, all fully automated. This upgrade even cleans the main brush while on charge, so consumers don’t even have to worry about that job. Upgraded Visionary Mapping™ Plus System allows speedy and smooth movement with confidence. The system ensures thorough and efficient cleaning, cleverly avoiding obstacles with a suite of  upgraded sensors.  This new design is only 8 cm in height, an ultra slim shape 10% smaller than the previous generation. It all adds up to faster, better and more efficient cleaning with minimum user’s intervention.

Auto Dust Emptying


When dust bin is full, NaviBot S returns automatically to the charge base for fully automated removal of dust from the robot. This gets sucked it into a central dust chamber in the charge base, and is accompanied by a brush cleaning action applied to the main brush for hair removal, thus saving consumers from having to do even this little job. NaviBot S uses its camera and sensor based navigation system to remember where it had cleaned up to, so after having its power refresh and auto maintenance action, the robot is ready to get back out and finish the job. Auto Dust Emptying with a 2 litre central dust chamber is a great solution, allowing the robot to operate independently for multiple days without need of human intervention, and increasing pick-up potential in hard environments like carpets and pet-friendly zones.



Visionary Mapping™ Plus System – faster cleaning


NaviBot S creates a map of your house using an onboard camera and a suite of advanced sensors such as infra-red detection. The Visionary Mapping™ Plus System can capture images at 30 frames per second with the onboard camera, creating a map of your house and plotting the optimum route to achieve total coverage.  NaviBot-S also has the ability to memorize the best cleaning path, calculating its  location in your home, and keeping track of where it has cleaned, and what is still left to finish off.


The NaviBot S’ clever cognitive mapping technology uses two CPU control chips, which serve as the ‘brain’ behind its intelligent navigation program, allowing it to remember where it has cleaned in spatial relation to objects and its charging base. Visionary Mapping™ Plus creates a virtual map that assists the device in deciding the quickest and safest route to take, and avoid obstacles along the way. Samsung pioneered this technology.


And unlike many other cleaning robots that use random path navigation, the NaviBot S’ cognitive mapping technology allows it to cover 90% of the living space in the same time the older random path technology covers 67%. In essence, the NaviBot sees, it thinks and it remembers to ensure optimal performance every time.




Slim & Sleek Design – Narrow Area Cleaning


Back in 2005, a robotic cleaner’s height was typically over 200mm, but now in 2011, thanks to Samsung’s advanced engineering skills and technology, designs can be much slimmer while delivering a better performance, and the NaviBot S is a tiny 80mm in height. Owing to its slimmer design, NaviBot S can easily get into narrow spaces so it does not loose cleaning performance even in unseen locations like under the bed.  This robot can clean places many people won’t reach in their weekly routine.  Additionally, NaviBot S’ sophisticated and trendy looks, featuring a sleek black appearance and very attractive control surface, enhance the sense of being in the presence of an advanced and high-tech market leading robotic product.



Dust Sensor  cleaning (Spot cleaning)


NaviBot S senses when it is collecting a larger than normal quantity of dust and debris, adjusting its program in order to concentrate on that zone until the area is complete.  This includes a power boost to enhance pick-up in the affected area, making pick-up even more effective.  Suction power adjusts to the amount of dust – automatically shifting to power boost cleaning mode when needed.



Quietly Effective


Faster and quieter than its NaviBot predecessor, the new NaviBot S takes greater care not to disturb consumers around their home.  This quieter cleaning means users can continue normal activities while the robot gets the job done with minimum involvement and fuss.  Seven cleaning modes and HEPA high-grade filtration provide a variety of options to suit users’ needs, including a new floorcloth accessory that safely cleans all hard floor surfaces. When cleaning is completed, the robot simply empties, and is ready for its next use within only three hours of charging, perfect for high-traffic or larger cleaning areas.


The NaviBot S has many safety sensors  and a virtual guard navigation aid to ensure  reliable cleaning and to avoid potentially dangerous problems such as falling down the stairs, severe collisions and getting tangled in cables. The Virtual Guard also serves as a barrier, allowing the robot  to avoid open fires and wet floors, and generally keeping NaviBot-S away from places you don’t want it to go. Consumers do not need to  worry when NaviBot S is out of sight since the Virtual Guard provides the robot with a line of sight back to the charge base – up to three rooms away. The Virtual Guard  system uses beacons placed at doorways to further boost the navigation performance, allowing the robot to move between rooms more efficiently and ensuring the device cleans the zone in a priority chosen by the user.  Brushes at either side of the device, combined with a Sweeping Blade and Power Brush enable faster, better cleaning performance over a wider cleaning width, while minimizing the diameter of the actual robot to allow optimum access to tight spots, like between chair legs.



“The NaviBot S demonstrates the creative genius of Samsung’s technology applied to the domestic cleaning market. We look forward to introducing a variety of home appliance products this year in line with our customers’ needs. With vacuuming made this easy, the NaviBot-S is certain to become a necessity for anyone who wants to take the chore out of household cleaning.”

– Chang Wan Hong, executive vice president, and head of Digital Appliances division




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