Regarding the Leaked Footages

on September 2, 2013
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It looks like we have some explaining to do.


First of all, conspiracy theories often gain popularity when there is a lack of evidence for alternate explanations. The technology of modern IT gadgets is so advanced that many times it is hard to believe that we, human beings, have developed such things. But what other explanation could there be?


One such conspiracy theory has been promoted by a group called ‘RESPECT’ (Really Extra Secret People of Engineering Community of Technology.) This group has been claiming that some of the technologies of Samsung products must be some form of extraterrestrial technology, because it is extremely difficult for the ‘Really Extra Secret People’ to fully comprehend the concepts behind such innovative ideas.


As absurd as it may sound, this subject is extremely sensitive and as a result you will not see it discussed in the mass media; especially after the disappointment of the recent revelations of Area 51 (Area 51 had nothing to do with aliens or UFOs). Therefore, we have been sending top-secret emails and text messages to ‘RESPECT’ on how we prefer to keep this information on the down low. But the truth cannot hide; the video came out.



For clarification, the accusation of ‘RESPECT’ that aliens were abducted by Samsung Electronics is totally untrue. Samsung Electronics has mutually agreed to form a strategic alliance with the aliens; although the details of the agreement will remain undisclosed, aliens are working with Samsung Electronics at the Samsung Lab of their own free will.


There have been absolutely no alien rights violated. All the working aliens are paid adequately. They work 9am to 5pm, get health insurance with full coverage, and pay taxes. However, there have been reports of them refusing to wear clothes and demanding computers with bigger keyboards.


More information will be available on the technology here at @ IFA 2013.


Get more information on IFA 2013 on


*Of course, all this is a just joke. Samsung Electronics has no intention of dishonoring or disrespecting any extraterrestrial life forms that may or may not exist. We are just kidding, so please if you exist, don’t come at us about it. Thanks.


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