Announcing the Winners of the Bespoke Design Contest

on October 12, 2021
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Samsung’s Bespoke home appliances were born out of the idea that the devices we rely on every day can do more than serve our needs; they can also complement our aesthetic and enrich our lifestyle. It’s an idea that puts customers first, and has led Samsung to explore ways to make the consumer experience even more personal.


To celebrate the refrigerators’ endless potential for personalization, Samsung teamed up with Wallpaper* magazine to host the Bespoke Design Contest. The contest invited consumers from all over the world to submit their own design for the Bespoke refrigerator.


The winning designs, chosen by an expert panel and by consumers’ popular vote, will be put on actual Bespoke refrigerators and be on display through the end of the year at the Samsung KX space in London.


Read on to learn more about how the creative community of Bespoke fans all over the world put their personal touch on the Bespoke refrigerator.



1,581 Submissions

The Bespoke Design Contest offered contestants an opportunity to have their original artwork or designs be brought to life on a canvas unlike any other. The competition ran from July 7 to August 4, 2021, and brought in a total of 1,581 refrigerator designs from all over the world.


The top 50 designs were revealed on August 12, and were selected by a panel that included Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas, Senior Vice President and Head of Design for Samsung Digital Appliances Harry Choi, Senior Vice President and Head of Samsung Design Europe, Felix Heck, interior designer Kelly Hoppen CBE and artist Yinka Ilori.


From August 12–22, the competition invited the public to vote for the top 15 entries by ‘liking’ designs posted on Samsung Bespoke’s Instagram page (@samsung_bespoke). The top 15 designs were revealed on August 25, which leads us to the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the reveal of the top three winners!



Ready for Their Close-Ups

The winning designs feature bold mixtures of colors that evoke the serenity of nature, as well as the feelings of joy and connection that come with cooking.


Photo by Gareth Williams and Lucy Hardcastle, with 3D designs by Thiing Studios in collaboration with Wallpaper*



“Lost Landscape” by Rita Louis

The contest’s top prize went to Rita Louis for “Lost Landscape”, a design that features brushstrokes of milky white and bold blue ink. “I have always [looked] to nature when it comes to inspiration,” said Louis, who added that she created the design to evoke the same sense of calm she feels when observing nature or enjoying a walk.


The judges praised Louis’ work as “artistic, light and inspiring,” and noted that it works well both when the units are separated and when they are together.



“Foodie” by Weronika Slifierz

Second place went to Weronika Slifierz for “Foodie”, a design that evokes the joy of eating delicious food with a color palette inspired by ’90s-era illustrations. “My design is called ‘Foodie’ for a reason!” explained Slifierz. “I love good food, and I think everyone should take time to appreciate a good, healthy meal as often as possible.”


London-based artist and judge Yinka Ilori was particularly taken by Slifierz’s art. “I loved the use of colors, and the illustrations really put a smile on my face,” said Ilori, who added that the design would be perfect for her kitchen.



“nestled” by Ioana Sabau

Third place went to Ioana Sabau for “nestled”, a cozy and colorful design that depicts two people leaning in for a kiss. Sabau was inspired by the belief that food always tastes better when making it with others. “I believe food brings people together, and that the time we spend in the kitchen can be [time when we are] connecting with each other,” explained Sabau.


Samsung Senior Vice President and Head of Samsung Design Europe, Felix Heck, described being captivated by Sabau’s art. “The colors, the scale, the symmetry and the cute, cartoony abstraction create a uniqueness and beauty that make me feel positive [about] this beautiful little love story,” said Heck.


Competitions like the Bespoke Design Contest demonstrate how the ability to customize devices enables a truly one-of-a-kind home experience. Going forward, Samsung will continue to explore ways to enrich that experience by putting the power of personalization in consumers’ hands.

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