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Another Teaser from Samsung – Technologies Evolve [IFA 2012]

on August 23, 2012

PCs, like many other electronic devices, have evolved over the years. Last year at IFA, Samsung introduced the Slate PC – aiming for no compromise in mobility and performance. Many customers – private and corporate – enjoyed the mobility, form factor, power and the touch-screen creativity of the device.

With the Windows 8 announced to come this fall, there’s a lot of anticipation regarding this form factor. In fact, Clint Boulton of the Wall Street Journal tested the ‘release preview’ of Windows 8 on a Samsung Series 7 Slate PC and said that “Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Might Be a Laptop Killer.”

Yesterday, a week prior to the unveiling event at Berlin, we released a teaser titled ‘Something Smart Is Coming’ showing what ‘might’ be a part of the announcements next Wednesday. Keep your eyes open for sneak peeks at what ‘might’ be the next hottest PC from Samsung.



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