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on February 21, 2015 by Abraham Pai
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Sorry, some of us in the office can’t wait for the next Unpacked event either and felt inclined to share some of the Spaniard’s words. While the next flagship device will be revealed in Barcelona, Spain in a bit more than a week from now, another video has been released:



From what’s been revealed so far, we’ve seen quite a lot about speed and cameras including thoughts on wireless charging from a Samsung engineer, a word from an engineer/executive who’s been putting cameras in mobile phones for over a decade, and an infographic that walks us through how those little cameras in our phones have gotten big in digital imaging.


There have also been an array of tweets from #TheNextGalaxy itself. What more will we see? We’ll have to stick around just a tad bit longer for the video livestream of the event – which will be available on Samsung Mobile’s Youtube channel  and also on Samsung Tomorrow. Until then, check out what’s been out and let us know what you’d like to see.








by Abraham Pai

Corporate Communications, Samsung Electronics

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