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[CES 2012] Hi, TV

on January 18, 2012

Samsung Smart TV is taking a completely new approach to home entertainment that will introduce you to world where technology truly understands you.  Introducing Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution!


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Smart Interaction  


The days of searching for the lost remote may have come to end.  Who needs a remote when you have Samsung’s Smart Interaction technology?  You can turn on the TV, change channels, launch the web browser and more using Voice Control, Motion Control and Face Recognition.  The two unidirectional array microphones with noise cancellation technology make sure to accurately pickup only your voice despite any background noise.  You can also login just by standing in front of your Smart TV, because the camera will recognize your face!  If that’s not enough, you can further increase connectivity with select wireless keyboards and mice.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Watch those features in action in the video below.



Smart Content


The possibilities are endless with the features and connectivity of Samsung Smart TVs, organized for intuitive use with Smart Hub and powered by dual-core processors.  And thanks to AllShare Play you can easily share multimedia between your Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, tablets, cameras and computers. Not only that, you can use AllShare to schedule and record your favorite TV shows from your smartphone or any other device with internet or use the TV’s camera to watch what’s happening in your living room or what’s being watched on your TV in real-time!  Also, you can send your web search results and edit photos on both screens of your mobile device and TV.  Why don’t we watch some of AllShare Play’s functions in action?



AllShare Play 

We welcome you to the AllShare Play living room for a guided tour of some of the exciting new features of which let’s you stay connected to your Smart TV from even outside your home through your mobile devices.

Among AllShare Play’s many features is Video Call, where you can use your Samsung Smart TV to make video calls to your friends and family.




Ever want to see a website on your smartphone on a bigger screen?  With Web Page Sharing you can instantly and wirelessly load the page on your phone to your Smart TV and even use your phone as a touchpad to control the mouse.



Want to show your friends that movie on your computer instantly?  With the Remote Device Play  you can use your smartphone to access files on your PC at home, and load them onto a Smart TV wirelessly, wherever you are!




Signature Services 

Other than AllShare Play, Samsung Smart TVs offer a variety of Signature Services including Family Story which let’s you organize photos, leave memos using your phone, tablet, PC or TV among other features to let you stay connected to your family wherever you are.



Or use Fitness to plan the perfect weight-loss program or just stay to maintain a healthy lifestyle, utilizing the built in camera and by connecting to a Wi-Fi enabled scale.  Use the virtual mirror to see if you’re following those aerobic steps correctly, or  track your weight, BMI and more.  You can also use your mobile device to monitor the calories you burn during your workout and track it with your Smart TV.



Finally, Kids offer a wealth of infotainment and games in a kid-friendly interface that parents can control and monitor.  The app rewards kids with virtual stickers for completing e-books or you can give them stickers yourself for good behavior.




Smart Evolution


As technology continues to advance at a blinding pace, it may seem unwise to invest in a new Smart TV, since better technology might be right around the corner. You can put that worry to rest with Samsung’s Evolution Kit.  You can upgrade your resolution, CPU and more with ease simply by adding or replacing your Evolution Kit.  Your Smart TV will never feel out of date as you keep pace with current technology thanks to Smart Evolution technology.


Below you can view images of  the new ES8000 Smart TV in high resolution of the by clicking on the picture you want to see.



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