Become a Rock Star Developer @ Samsung Developers Conference 2013

on October 25, 2013
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Samsung Developers Conference


The cascade of green binary numbers from the movie ‘Matrix’ is how ordinary people perceive ‘coding’. We all know ‘coding’ doesn’t really look like that, but it definitely reflects the general consensus of coding; something that is totally out of this world. However, if you are a developer, ‘coding’ is your tool and toy.

However, as a developer, your world can collapse, if you don’t have the right tool; just like the cascade of green binary numbers.


A struggling Developer name Derek


Meet Derek. He is a developer who is having a tough time. He just can’t seem to figure out how to translate his idea to codes. He is miserable.





When he is almost about to give up, out of nowhere, he gets a letter. It is the invitation to the Samsung Developers Conference!



The Magic Code

The Perks of Samsung Mobile SDK


He receives a special package called Samsung Mobile SDK. Now he has so many tools to work with, such as S pen SDK, MultiWindow and more. Like a kid on a Christmas day, he instantly opens it and applies it to his project.



What do I need?


While other developers still have no idea how to solve the same problem as Derek before the invitation to the Samsung Developers Conference, as a changed man, he shows how easily he can solve it. His friends are amazed and he becomes an instant rock star developer among his friends.


What you need is Samsung Developers Conference


Fortunately, Derek is not only smart, but he is also generous. He decides to share his magical secrets with his friends, the Samsung Mobile SDK.


Become a Rock Star Developer at Samsung Developers Conference 2013


and now, everybody is a rock star developer.


This short skit is dedicated to all the potential rock star developers out there. Come join us at the Samsung Developers Conference and become the developer the world needs!

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