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on June 8, 2022
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Part Two of this series will explore Samsung SmartThings Home Life, an enhanced service launching globally as an integration of six SmartThings services. SmartThings Home Life is set to offer personalized, connected experiences to meet the diverse home needs of users everywhere.


From its initial launch in 2014, Samsung Electronics’ SmartThings service has been developed to create experiences that make people’s lives better. Over the past 10 years, Samsung has been committed to enhancing the technology behind its SmartThings services in its pursuit to make all homes connected a mission that has now resulted in the creation of SmartThings Home Life.


SmartThings Home Life is a new addition to the SmartThings app and now provides centralized and integrated control across six services — cooking, energy, clothing care, pet care, air care and home care  for more holistic user experiences. The global launch of SmartThings Home Life to almost 100 countries lets users worldwide perform everyday tasks more efficiently, allowing them to spend more time enjoying their lives and focusing more on the moments that matter most.


Read more to learn how SmartThings Home Life has evolved to offer users greater connected convenience by customizing home living through AI and SmartThings.


▲ SmartThings Home Life



Party Planning Made Simple

At its recent Bespoke Home 2022 event, Samsung introduced how all six services of SmartThings Home Life come together to enhance the user experience through the lens of Jason, a friend getting ready for a housewarming party. For instance, Jason used SmartThings Cooking to prepare shrimp quesadillas, SmartThings Clothing Care to freshen up his party outfit, and SmartThings Air Care to purify the party space. Demonstrating the day-to-day uses of SmartThings, Samsung showcased how SmartThings can simplify a user’s to-do list.


▲ SmartThings Cooking



A Smarter Home Ecosystem

The biggest benefit to having a smart, connected home is its ability to make life more comfortable. The ability to have total control over all appliances in the home brings convenience, productivity and even more time to the user’s day. Samsung’s vision for SmartThings Home Life gives users spare time to stay more in the moments that actually matter by combining the power of the following SmartThings services:1


  • SmartThings Cooking2 provides personalized meal plans and recipes based on user preferences and what is in their refrigerator. It also automatically adjusts cooking modes and temperatures on cooking appliances based on recipes.
  • SmartThings Energyhelps users monitor, report home energy consumption in real time and save on their electric bills.
  • SmartThings Clothing Care4 syncs with the Bespoke AirDresser as well as Bespoke Washer and Dryer to provide optimal clothing care recommendations.
  • SmartThings Pet Caresyncs with home appliances such as the Bespoke Air Purifier and Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ to keep homes clean and help users check in on their pets when they are out of the home.
  • SmartThings Air Careworks with Samsung’s air purifiers and air conditioners to monitor air quality in and outside the user’s home in real time.
  • SmartThings Home Care7 continuously monitors the user’s devices, checks their status and usage patterns, provides information about accessories and enables convenient online purchases.8 This AI-powered service works with virtually all Bespoke appliances.9



Sustainable Solutions for Home

SmartThings continues to innovate in order to simplify everyday tasks so that users have more time to enjoy their lives at home. In line with this vision, Samsung’s recent partnership with global technology company ABB is an important step in expanding the Bespoke Home Life experience throughout the entire home. For instance, users can now easily monitor and control ABB’s portfolio of devices, such as ABB cameras, sensors and comfort systems integrated with SmartThings.


Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for the final installment in this series. To learn more about Bespoke appliances, visit Samsung.com.



1 SmartThings App available and compatible on Android 8.0 (RAM 2GB or more) and higher or iOS 13.0 and higher and is available in the Google Play Store or App Store. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. SmartThings App may not be compatible with all tablets and devices, or may have some restrictions depending on the connected device and usage method. Available technologies and functions may vary depending on the country, service provider, network environment, or product. Supported OS, specification, app screen composition may vary depending on the device model or update status.
2 SmartThings Cooking and each connected device must be registered with a single Samsung Account.
3 SmartThings Energy and each connected device must be registered with a single Samsung Account.
4 In order to use this feature, users must install the Clothing Care service in the SmartThings App. This can be implemented only for some models equipped with Wi-Fi and AI functions.
5 In order to use this feature, users must install Pet Care service in the SmartThings App.
6 SmartThings Air Care is only available on Bespoke Air Conditioner in KR and Bespoke Air Purifier in both US and KR. Availability depends on country. In order to use this feature, users must install the Air Care service in the SmartThings App.
7 In order to use this feature, users must install the Home Care service in the SmartThings app.
8 Online purchasing of accessories is only available in separated countries.
9 Only applicable to products with Wi-Fi connectivity.

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