Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 and Green Emerald Galaxy S6 edge Set to Launch

on May 17, 2015
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Samsung Electronics announced the commercial launch of two new color editions of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Launched globally on April 10th, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones redefined what’s next in mobility. In addition to the already available colors including White Pearl, Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum options, the long-awaited Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 and Green Emerald Galaxy S6 edge are available to consumers now.


Creating a new standard for design, craftsmanship and performance, Samsung’s newest flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones seamlessly blend premium materials with the most advanced Samsung technology to offer consumers an unmatched mobile experience in unique colors and materials.


“The Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 represents the perfect fashion accessory for style-conscious consumers looking for a vibrant, expressive and distinctive color, and the Green Emerald Galaxy S6 edge provides a simply stunning color choice that meets the needs of those who want a sophisticated, yet unique looking mobile device,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics. “We aim to bring a truly one-of-a-kind smartphone to consumers and provide them with a seamless combination of dynamic beauty and meaningful purpose, complementing every part of their mobile lives.”


Blue Topaz Galaxy S6


Exclusively available for the Galaxy S6, Samsung’s Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 hits the scene in a striking but subtle blue hue that is closely reflected throughout the most fashionable colors of the year. According to many of the leading color trend forecasts, blue is among the top most popular colors of 2015.


“People who opt for Samsung’s Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 are likely to be more self-confident, fastidious, discriminating, sensitive, exacting, and intuitive,” said world-renowned British Psychologist Dr. Donna Dawson. “The ‘brightness’ of the color tends to attract more people who are both self-assured and know what they like.”


Green Emerald Galaxy S6 edge


Exclusively available for the Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung’s newest Green Emerald exemplifies the harmony of Samsung’s design philosophy where “beauty meets purpose.” The color green represents new life and new beginnings and is closely linked to themes of nature.


“People who choose Green as their preferred color will tend to be balanced, loyal, hard-working, honest, benevolent and concerned for others,” Dawson said. “They may aspire to be good citizens with a highly-developed moral sense and a desire for simplicity. ‘Green’ also represents new life and new beginnings, and often inspires ‘hope’ and renewed vitality and energy in people, conveying friendliness and a connection to others. Green also has been shown to decrease the feeling of restlessness – this is why, when people are stressed, they often crave sanctuary in more natural surroundings. The Green Emerald shade of the Galaxy S6 edge deepens the general attraction of all things green through its depth and brightness.”


The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are available globally with 32/64/128GB storage options available in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz (Galaxy S6 only) and Green Emerald (Galaxy S6 edge only).


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* The launch date and models may vary by region and channels.

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