Bridging From the Present to the Future: Samsung Explores Innovation in Design at Fuorisalone 2014

on April 7, 2014
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• Samsung Electronics began its residency at Fuorisalone 2014 in Milan, Italy with the theme “Flows: A Journey to the Future”

• Samsung is also exhibiting its “Premium House,” which is a model for a future smart home filled with next-generation home appliances.



Bridging From the Present to the Future:

Samsung Explores Innovation in Design at Fuorisalone 2014

Samsung showcases designs inspired by humans with a visionary installation

and a model of the future smart home

Samsung Electronics began its residency at Fuorisalone 2014 in Milan, Italy, using the opportunity to explore its design philosophy and showcase its vision for the smart home of the future. The relationship between technology and design has been a focus for Samsung for many years, with the company’s innovation inspired by a deep understanding of consumers’ needs and its desire to improve their daily lives.


The theme of Samsung’s stand this year is “Flows: A Journey to the Future,” expressed in an artistic installation that allows visitors to travel from the present into a vision of the unwritten future. The installation represents a home of the future where every product is inter-connected, creating a unified platform which gives its inhabitants the power to control and create a wide variety of content and experiences.


“At Samsung we are dedicated to listening to consumers, consistently meeting their needs for exceptional design and functionality. For a third year in a row, Samsung is excited to showcase at Fuorisalone many new products that are the result of these insights. Whether in the kitchen or laundry room, our design innovation brings real, tangible benefits to the everyday lives of consumers,” said Boo-Keun Yoon, Chief Executive and Head of the Corporate Design Center of Samsung Electronics.


Samsung’s design ethos “Make it Meaningful” places humans at the heart of all its designs, and ensures that research insights are translated into features that solve key challenges and improve the lives of consumers.


Design has always been at the center of Samsung products, not only influencing their look and feel but how they work. This year, the WW9000 washing machine and the Food Showcase Refrigerator embody this philosophy, with the design of both products being a merger of both outstanding looks and new functionality that adapts to the needs of consumers in their everyday lives.


Samsung is also exhibiting its “Premium House,” which is a model for a future smart home filled with next-generation home appliances. All products are wirelessly connected to show how consumers can be put in control and live smarter.



Flows: a Journey to the Future


Visitors to Samsung’s installation experience first-hand how technology responds to the desire for comfort at home, while being able to show a future where it is possible to act in harmony with the environment.

The installation is divided into four parts:

  • Present – The starting point of the journey involves five key Samsung home appliances exhibited to show how their design helps us accomplish daily chores easily.
  •  Deconstruction of the present – At the second stage, the products are dismantled, exposed and displayed, with their components suspended in the air, to show how they are designed and conceived.
  • Evolution – This area symbolizes how these products are set to evolve in the near future; parts combined with lights and screens of various sizes, projecting graphic animations and mixed together to form a long seamless canvas.
  • Future – The final stage of the installation shows how the future could look with concept products evolved by Samsung to meet as yet unseen demand, a place where human need and consumers are at the heart of technology.



Samsung Premium House


The Samsung Premium House shows the smart life that is about to become possible, with video walls, curved Ultra-HD TVs, and remote-controlled digital home appliances, which all will be able to interact with each other and can be controlled from your smartphone, tablets or television.


The house is fitted with elegant Arclinea, Artemide, and B&B Italia furniture and invites visitors to consider a different way of home living, with a focus on interaction with connected products.


A virtual stewardess and a 55” TV at the entrance welcomes visitors, showing the design story of some of the most iconic Samsung’s products.


Once inside, visitors will be able to operate the appliances contained in individual rooms via dedicated touch-controlled Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 tablets. The tablets control everything within the home ecosystem – from the lights, to cameras and all of the other interconnected devices. People can also monitor the energy consumption of each device through the tablets, seeing in an instant the energy savings made by using Samsung Smart lightbulbs and home appliances.


In the Lounge, people can relax and enjoy technology like the Curved 105” UHD TV, which dominates the space, and the latest mobile devices, while in the Dining Room visitors can have fun with Samsung Gamepad, which connects to the UHD Curved TV, and the Galaxy Note Pro.


A truly interactive table in the center of the Kitchen is designed to give families access to rich digital content, including recipes from renowned Italian chef Davide Oldani and the latest newspapers. Also found in the kitchen is the Food ShowCase refrigerator, which combines top-level technical specifications with a revolutionary design, for a more efficient management of indoor space.


As visitors pass to the Laundry Room, where the Samsung Navibot moves autonomously to clean the floor. Here they can control the Crystal Blue washing machine (WW9000) via Wi-Fi – using a tablet or a smartphone – and use the Smart Washer app to receive real-time status updates from the machine.


The Home Office lets people print documents and photos from their mobile devices by simply tapping it on one of the new printers using integrated NFC technology. Making use of the same technology, someone speaking on their smartphone can transfer their call to a NFC landline phone available in the room by simply tapping it with their smartphone.


Finally, a Body Scale placed in the Bedroom measures weight and automatically sends the data to the S-Health App on a Samsung smartphone via Bluetooth, updating the fitness program.


The Samsung Premium House was realized with the collaboration of Samsung partners Easydom, Edison Web, Evoluendo, Cargo, Gewiss, Imecon Engineering, Practix and Samsung Techwin.



Samsung Design History


Samsung was awarded 825 design awards in 2013 from prestigious design bodies such as iF and IDEA . 38 Samsung products were recognized for design excellence iF International Forum Design in 2014 placing Samsung at the top of the iF rankings over the past three years.



Notes to Readers:


During Fuorisalone (April 8-13), the Samsung Premium House and the installation “Flows: a Journey to the Future” will be open to the public at Spazio Zegna from 11.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m., except on Thursday April 10, when they will be open until midnight as part of White Night.


Additional events include:

· Wednesday, April 9 from 2.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m., the athletes from the Olympia Basketball team will be on site to meet fans and visitors;


· Thursday, April 10 from 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m., the athletes of the Samsung Galaxy Team that took part in the Sochi Winter Olympics will be on site to meet fans and visitors;


· Friday, April 11 from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m., Samsung will introduce the Maestros project, aimed at launching a new generation of Italian craftsmen and handing down the secrets of great Made in Italy masters.


· An installation of the world’s first Curved UHD TVs formed into the shape of a coliseum will be showcased at Spazio Zegna.

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