British tech press reviews the ES8000 Smart TV

on March 6, 2012
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The reviews are in!  Following Which?‘s thorough exploration of the ES8000 Smart TV, What Hi Fi and Trusted Reviews have both offered detailed reviews, giving high marks for the TV.





Which?, a tech magazine from the UK known for their independent reviews of the latest products, took a close look at the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV.  In addition to a positive written review, the piece also features a 13-minute video which explores the wide range of features available on the 2012 model.



The video demonstrates the variety of features offered by the Smart TV including voice and motion control, using a built-in microphone and camera.  Ben Stevens of Which? adjusts the volume using only his voice and goes through the menu using his hand like a mouse through motion control, simply clenching a fist to click.


Also explored is the variety of apps and its features, like Kids and its ability to remotely monitor your children and their viewing choices through the camera.



Ben Stevens notes the hardware as well, including the 900 MHz dual core processor, the two intuitive remote controls, and the IR Blaster.  The IR Blaster let’s you control peripheral devices  (DVD player, sound system, etc) using voice or motion by connecting it to the blaster.


The above and a number of other features are shown and explained in the video below.  Take a look.



What Hi-Fi and Trusted Reviews


Giving the Smart TV 5 out of 5 stars and 9/10 respectively, What Hi Fi and Trusted Reviews also details the countless features of the ES8000 while praising its amazing picture quality as well as its aesthetic appeal.  What Hi Fi also noted the TV’s ability to show lower quality videos superbly (“…far and away the best TV we’ve ever seen when it comes to tarting up inferior quality video content.”) and the accuracy of the voice recognition (able to search the phrase “civil war in Syria” without a problem).



Trusted Reviews’ article focuses more on the picture quality, noting that in 3D “…from Tangled to Avatar and Thor we saw details in the picture that we honestly hadn’t felt aware of before.” Overall they thought the ES8000 “[set] the bar intimidatingly high for the rest of the 2012 TV jetset.”


But don’t just take our word for it.  Click links below to read the detailed reviews.


What Hi Fi

Trusted Reviews

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