Celebrating Connections: #TeamGalaxy and Samsung Members Stars Experience the Best of Samsung in South Korea

on May 25, 2023
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In brand marketing, influencers and brand communities play a pivotal role in communicating a product’s genuine experience to consumers. Samsung Electronics understands the value of these connections, enabling the global #TeamGalaxy influencers and Samsung Members Stars to truly shine.


▲ #TeamGalaxy (left) and Samsung Members Stars (right) take a commemorative photo at Samsung Digital City in Suwon, South Korea.


On May 16, Samsung hosted an exciting event bringing together Samsung Members Stars and #TeamGalaxy in South Korea. Influencers from #TeamGalaxy and Samsung ambassadors, known as Samsung Members Stars, were invited from 15 countries1 worldwide. The tour spanned four days for #TeamGalaxy members and three days for Samsung Members Stars. With the theme of “Connect,” the trip aimed to strengthen the bonds between the participants, the Samsung brand and Galaxy while creating an engaging and interactive space for everyone involved. Samsung Newsroom closely followed this exceptional event, which took place in Korea — the birthplace of Samsung and the global K-wave phenomenon.



Connect on a Deeper Level With Samsung and Galaxy

During the event, participants had the chance to experience the essence of Samsung at various locations across South Korea. They explored the Samsung Innovation Museum (S/I/M) in Suwon, gaining an understanding of Samsung’s management philosophy and rich corporate history. They also participated in programs at Samsung Digital City in Suwon, fostering deeper connections with Samsung at the brand’s headquarters. Notably, they had the opportunity to interact with developers and executives from different business units. Executive Vice President Joshua Sungdae Cho (Visual Solution Team) and Vice President Sally Hyesoon Jeong (Framework R&D Team) of the MX Business at Samsung Electronics shared insights on the camera and gaming performance of the Galaxy S23 series, respectively, and eagerly listened to participants’ feedback on the products. Participants also gained firsthand experience of Galaxy’s quality testing process through a tour of the Galaxy QA Lab at the Samsung Digital City.


▲ Executive Vice President Joshua Sungdae Cho (left) and Vice President Sally Hyesoon Jeong (right) of the MX Business share product insights with participants.



Connect With Creativity by Capturing With Galaxy

“Epic Film Festival,” the program organized to showcase the exceptional camera performance of the Galaxy S23 series, brought together global influencers in photography and videography. Participants exhibited videos captured using the Galaxy S23, with their unique themes and stories, during a film premiere on the final day. The program empowered participants to inspire and exchange ideas with others via their creative works. Throughout the three-day program, Samsung Members Stars engaged in daily photo quests and collaborated in teams to create short films. Both #TeamGalaxy and Samsung Members Stars participants actively engaged in social sharing activities, utilizing the excellent camera features of the Galaxy S23 Ultra (such as Nightography, 200MP, 10x Zoom, Portrait Mode, etc.) to capture every corner of Seoul. During the gala dinner on the final day, they had the chance to appreciate and discuss the final works. The event provided an opportunity to exchange creative inspiration, opinions and tips.


The best works from “Epic Film Festival” and Samsung Members Stars will be featured on Samsung Mobile’s global Instagram account (@samsungwithgalaxy).


▲ #TeamGalaxy influencer (left) and Samsung Members Stars (right) capture photos with the Galaxy S23 Ultra in Seoul.



Connect to the Gaming World With Next-Level Galaxy Performance

The gaming program was also jam-packed with exciting activities. Samsung Members Stars experienced the exceptional gaming performance of the Galaxy S23 series through a tutorial session led by professional gaming commentator GClef and an exhilarating Fortnite Mobile game showdown. Meanwhile, #TeamGalaxy gaming influencers engaged in a thrilling competition against Korean gamers. The gaming program reached its peak with the highly anticipated #TeamGalaxy vs. Team Korea Fortnite mobile tournament held on May 19. Team Korea, consisting of Samsung Electronics employees, and #TeamGalaxy gaming influencers formed three squads each and battled it out for the tournament title. These captivating on-site matches were broadcasted live on Samsung Mobile’s Twitch channel and shared with fans worldwide.


▲ #TeamGalaxy vs. Team Korea tournament (left) and Samsung Members Stars enjoy gaming on the Galaxy S23 (right).


#TeamGalaxy influencer Adhwan Kapoor (India, @iamahairyoldman), who attended the event, said, “It was great to connect with other creators, share inspiration and tips, learn about Galaxy and collaborate on content creation.” Samsung Members Star Kamil Jószczak (Poland, @kamil40013) said, “It was a lot of fun to meet and interact with Samsung employees and other Samsung Members Stars. It was also great to have the opportunity to voice our opinions to Galaxy’s hardware and software developers as well.”


▲ All participants gathered to enjoy the #TeamGalaxy farewell dinner (left) and the Samsung Members Stars gala dinner (right).


The #TeamGalaxy | Samsung Members Connect in Seoul proved to be a dynamic gathering where participants eagerly shared valuable insights and opinions. From exchanging creative inspiration to sharing tips about Galaxy, this event served as a vibrant platform for #TeamGalaxy and Samsung Members Stars to collaborate and strengthen their connection to the Galaxy experience. Thanks to the resounding success, the organizers expressed their enthusiasm to host more events like this in the future, driven by the goal of creating a better Galaxy experience for all.



1 Samsung Members Stars from 15 countries (including Korea) and #TeamGalaxy from 9 countries (including Korea).

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