[CES 2012] Samsung Unveils New Versatile Smart Blu-Ray Line

on January 10, 2012
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Samsung Electronics announced an innovative Disc to Digital feature on its 2012 Blu-ray Players that helps consumers turn their personal DVD collection into digital content and facilitates this content sharing on multiple devices in the home and on the go.



The flagship 3D Blu-ray products from the market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics include:


• Compact Blu-ray player boasting a slightly larger-than-a-disc form factor (model BD-ES6000)
• 3D Blu-ray with Dual HDMI Inputs and built-in WiFi (model BD-E6500)


Improved content sharing


The Disc to Digital feature is a boon to consumers with a library of DVDs. At a fraction of the cost to purchase these same movies from streaming content providers, consumers can now register their ownership of movies to access these same movies on a variety of devices virtually anytime and anywhere. Consumers also have the option to purchase Blu-ray quality versions of the movies.



Innovative Blu-ray Features in a Sophisticated Form Factor


Consumers can look forward to innovative design without sacrificing performance with Samsung’s new stylish 3D Blu-ray line. All new models exemplify Samsung’s 3S philosophy – symmetric, slim form factor and slot-in design – to complement the stylish elements in any home entertainment room. The units are designed as symmetric products with a centralized slot-in mechanism and convenient centralized controls for easy access and management. The line-up’s lack of mechanical parts also makes for a smoother and quieter loading experience, with a boot time of less than one second.


Consumers now have an easy way to enhance and upgrade their current TV experience with the latest services and content options through Samsung’s Blu-ray players. The premium 3D Blu-ray line-up provides access to Samsung Smart Hub, a simple way to access, search and explore Samsung Apps. New in 2012, Samsung Blu-ray players will offer a full web browser and the ability to experience rich content. They also have built-in WiFi for convenient access to a variety of web-based content and connectivity options.


Sharing content across devices is made even easier with the new DLNA-certified Blu-ray line. In addition, 2012 Blu-ray players will be supported by WiFi Direct, which allows WiFi devices to be connected directly and easily without a wireless access point.


Regardless of the source material’s original resolution, the 2012 3D Blu-ray line’s powerful video processor can upconvert DVDs, older non-HD content and even low-resolution streaming video to pristine Full HD 1080p. It also supports an array of audio formats including Dolby Digital Plus / TrueHD and DTS-HD Bitstream Outputs. No matter what the experience, the2012 lineup’s BD Wise Plus feature automatically adjusts the TV setting to provide optimal picture for each scenario.



Compact Blu-ray Player


Only slightly larger than a Blu-ray disc, the versatile Samsung BD-ES6000 3D Blu-ray player packs the latest video technologies and connectivity features into a compact form factor. This balance of technology and high design makes it a perfect addition to any room where space is at a premium, but outstanding video playback is desired.




Taking minimalism to the max without sacrificing performance, the BD-ES6000 sports a cubic form factor and features a stylish multi-layered pattern design on the top of its cabinet. The player is also designed to support a 2-channel system for additional space-saving benefit.



3D Blu-ray with Dual HDMI Inputs


Bringing Hollywood even closer to home, the slim and stylish Samsung BD-E6500 3D Blu-ray player delivers breathtaking 2D and 3D content playback. With 2 HDMI inputs, it streamlines connections to the TV by allowing more than one component, such as a set-top box and game console, to be hooked up to BD-E6500 and connected to the TV via only one HDMI output. This minimize the number of wires required so that the home entertainment area may be free of clutter an also maintain a minimalist look-and-feel to the room.



The BD-E6500 features a two-tone design that accentuates its slimness. The top of the player features an elegant piano-black finish, while the bottom has the look and feel of high-grade metal. A bright but unobtrusive Mystic Blue lighting feature serves as an elegant accent to unite the two parts together.



Reinventing the Multi-Screen Experience


Samsung is introducing a new remote control app that can be downloaded onto an Android or Apple smartphone. Previously only available for Samsung TVs, the 2012 remote control app enhances how users control and search for content on their Blu-ray players. The app’s MovieNote feature also offers instant access to detailed information on movies they are currently watching, including plot synopsis, actor and director biography information.


When the smartphone is connected to the same home network as a Samsung Blu-ray player, users can control their Blu-ray player with ease and use the QWERTY keyboard on their devices for easy information input.


Samsung continues to embrace the promise of the multi-screen world with Samsung’s Family Box service, a suite of cloud-supported life management services that can be accessed and managed from multiple screens – including smartphones, PCs and TVs – through the Family Cloud Server. The Edutainment service allows parents to manage the educational needs of their children, monitor their TV viewing time or the content they are watching.


These 3D Blu-ray players will be on display at Samsung’s booth #12004 in the Central Hall at the International Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), January 10-13, 2012.


Full details, video content and product images are available at the Samsung microsite at: www.samsungces.com. The press conference will also be streamed live from: www.samsungces.com, www.global.samsungtomorrow.com.


All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, to benefits, design, components, performance, availability and capability of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.


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