Chef Collection Lets You Wash Dishes the Smart Way

on June 16, 2015
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Samsung’s new Chef Collection includes a refrigerator, an induction oven range and a dishwasher — all of which are grabbing lots of attention on the home appliance market for their great features. Samsung’s latest dishwasher, the DW9900H, allows consumers to clean their dishes more efficiently than ever before. Truly, choosing a dishwasher that does all the work for you and still ensures your dishes come out sparkling, is the smartest way to go for consumers.


The sleek stainless steel exterior offers a premium professional look, and the stylish display panel communicates cleaning stages, but inside is where the magic happens.


It begins with the WaterWall™, one of the most outstanding innovations in 40 years of dishwasher technology. Conventional units have a rotary spray bar that only partially covers all the dishes inside. Samsung developed a spray bar that attains 100% coverage of dirty dishes inside but also runs quieter and consumes less energy. WaterWall™ is the smart choice for ending the ritual of washing the dishes before you wash the dishes, because it harnesses the power of high pressure water while a reflector bar glides back and forth, reaching every corner.




Choosing a dishwasher that is powerful enough to not require pre-rinsing is a smart choice for the environment too, because avoiding the pre-rinse means saving water. Running the dishwasher with a full load is another good tip for conserving water.


WaterWall™ is so quiet that it is far less disruptive to life going on in the kitchen around it, meaning that it will not disrupt casual conversation, even when it is at its loudest. The dishwasher was designed with special insulation that reduces noise. Analysis shows it is 13% quieter than a dishwasher with a rotary spray bar, making it one of the quietest in its class.


When heavily soiled pots and pans are involved, there’s the Zone Booster feature, the Controllable Intensive Washing function. Users can place the very dirty dishes on one side, where they will be treated with higher water pressure and a higher temperature to effectively remove grease and food particles.


One of the most ingenious features is the FlexTray™, a transportable and flexible tray that fits any size or shape of cutlery. Professional chefs use a lot of cutlery and utensils and this was designed with them in mind. It is also really simple to unload and load into the dishwasher.




Finally, there’s Speed Boost. With the push of a button, your dishes will be done up to 25% faster, in case you are ready to eat but the dishes are not ready yet. Dishes still come out hygienically clean and dry, but in less time. For example, normal washing time might be 135 minutes but Speed Boost cuts it down to 108 minutes.




The DW9900H not only cleans itself, it also reminds you when it needs to do so. After about 20 cycles, the Self Clean button will begin flickering to remind you to run the self-clean cycle, which is recommended to keep the dishwasher working like new.


Samsung also developed a Fine Filter system so you do not need to worry about cleaning the filter. This flat rectangular shaped micro filter allows for easy cleaning on both sides.

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