Chef Daniel Boulud Immerses Foodies with 360° Meals in New York

on April 8, 2016
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Dedicated foodies crowded into Samsung 837 in New York City on April 6 to learn about food from star chef Daniel Boulud.


Lucky foodies in New York City enjoyed a uniquely immersive dining experience on Wednesday, as Samsung Electronics brought renowned chef Daniel Boulud to the Samsung 837 venue for a fun and engaging cooking demonstration—in virtual and actual reality.


After an introduction by popular emcee Billy Harris, guests experienced an engrossing presentation by Boulud about all the elements of a culinary journey, from inspiration to preparing the food in his kitchen to the table, using the Samsung Gear VR headsets.



People experienced Daniel Boulud’s culinary journey, using the immersive Gear VR.


Boulud—who is one of the culinary visionaries in Samsung’s Club des Chefs—presented a rich food story, made even more riveting and enveloping because of the Gear VR headsets.


Samsung started Club des Chefs in 2013, bringing together renowned chefs from around the world to better understand what is needed for great cooking and to create the Chef Collection line of leading kitchen appliances.


Following the VR video, Boulud appeared before the audience in person, to lead a demonstration on how to prepare Boulud’s special interpretation of the classic croque-monsieur, with black truffle—all the while using the Samsung Chef Collection range of appliances.



Daniel Boulud talking about the finer points of preparing a great croque-monsieur.


Of course, nothing is as immersive as the actual eating, and guests all got to enjoy a delicious sampling of foie gras and chicken mosaic, long island fluke, lobster “en Gelée” and white asparagus—and, of course, croque-monsieur.



Chef Daniel Boulud talking to a rapt audience at Samsung 837 in New York City.


Samsung 837, located in the heart of New York’s Meatpacking District, is Samsung’s new flagship experience center. It is a fully immersive cultural destination that features programming designed to tap into people’s passions, including art, music, entertainment, sports, wellness, culinary, technology and fashion, all powered and enriched by technology.


Chef Daniel Boulud demonstrating how to prepare a croque-monsieur at Samsung 837 in New York City on Wednesday evening.

Chef Daniel Boulud demonstrating how to prepare a croque-monsieur at Samsung 837 in New York City on Wednesday evening.

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