Click to Cure: An Easy Way to Help Thai Children

on February 7, 2013
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What do you do when your child is sick? Many parents would probably say that they would take their child to the doctor, or pick up some medicine from the pharmacy.  In a few days or a week, chances are, the child will be back to his or her normal self.


But, what would you do if you were a parent in a poor country? Since no one around you can help, you and your child would have to walk miles to the nearest town or clinic. You would have to spend your week’s wages to buy basic medicine. You probably routinely wish that your child can grow up healthy, both physically and psychologically. In fact, that wish can come true!


Thai Samsung Electronics has recently started a massive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)campaign, called Samsung Galaxy “Gift for Life,” to ensure the nation’s future and boost Thai children’s health.


Samsung Galaxy “Gift for Life”


In 2012, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, Tablets and Notes had magnificently good feedback from all consumers nationwide



Thai people are encouraged to help in “One Click Saving Kids” via Galaxy Gift Mobile application and Facebook. Both the app and the Facebook page feature images of desperately needed medical equipment, like life-supporting baby incubators, automatic resuscitators, and brain surgery devices.  Guests simply have to click on the images through the “Galaxy Gift” application on Smartphones, Tablets, and Notes of Samsung Galaxy series or Samsung Mobile Thailand Facebook.  Doing so will help to provide these equipments to young patients at Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health. The more clicks there are, the more money will be donated, and the more children can be cured.


Samsung Galaxy “Gift for Life”

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